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Change now!

Because tomorrow it's too late.

Learn more regarding aboutwater's eco-friendly actions, the social enterprise Helioz, and the #ChangeNOW summit.

Because tomorrow it’s too late

Why going green has never been more urgent. Find out more about how we at aboutwater, as a partner for high-quality water bottles, are trying to support sustainable action, what social enterprise Helioz is doing to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and how this relates to ChangeNOW in Paris, the world's biggest event for the planet.


We've all seen these headlines before - every year is once again the warmest on record, icebergs are melting at an alarming rate, entire species are going extinct, the Amazon forest is emitting more CO2 than it filters, and many more. Yet there is still a lack of real action by governments, big business, investors and policy makers to tackle these problems and apply real solutions. It seems that once again it is up to us as individuals to take action for climate protection and to refrain from environmentally harmful actions that are destroying our planet. 

World Clean Up Day 2022 plastic is bad for the ocean

The plastic waste problem

One of the major problems facing our society today is the enormous amount of single-use plastic consumed every day, which then ends up in nature and our oceans (at least 14 million tons per year, source: IUCN), the wildlife there, and eventually even in our bloodstream. In 2021, an estimated 583 billion plastic bottles were produced. That is 100 billion more than were produced just five years ago (source: Statista). Every year, 17.4 billion single-use plastic bottles are consumed in Germany. That is 450,000 tons of waste. Every hour, about 2 million disposable plastic bottles are consumed in Germany alone. Mineral water from disposable plastic bottles causes twice as much CO2 over their lifetime compared to reusable bottles. Disposable plastic bottles are therefore not only resource-intensive, but also very damaging to the climate and a major source of waste (source: Umwelthilfe Deutschland).


Conclusion: reusable and recyclable is better than disposable and recyclable.

What we do at aboutwater?

At aboutwater we have made it our goal to work with our reusable water bottles towards a better, cleaner environment, one without plastic pollution. By offering sustainable, long-lasting reusable bottles made from improved materials, we aim to provide individuals and businesses with bottles that are in the spirit of sustainability. The long-lasting water bottles can be given to employees and customers, serving to keep them hydrated while being environmentally conscious. Our aboutwater bottles can be printed by us with company name and motif, creating attractive gifts and sustainable, meaningful promotional products that consume fewer resources and produce less waste. Our products are good for your health, good for brand enhancement and good for the environment.

The longer the water bottles are in use, the more sustainable they are. Reusable instead of disposable. Reuse instead of waste.

Helioz – Future Economy

Helioz is a Vienna-based social enterprise whose mission is to help other businesses become more climate-friendly and lead them to a climate-neutral future. Their goals range from improving the CO2 balance and compensation to the implementation of CRS activities.

The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) describes measures of a sustainable economy that go beyond the legal requirements. Such measures can be: fair business practices, employee-oriented personnel policy, economical use of natural resources, protection of climate and environment, social commitment, assumption of responsibility across the entire supply chain (source:

The climate and water crises threaten the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide. Helioz climate projects include: Water disinfection with an environmentally friendly technology based on solar energy, reduction of 2 tons of CO2 per WADI/year, networks and training for plastic recycling and waste management and protection of local forests.

One of their latest projects is Water4Climate in India and Bangladesh. Here, biologically contaminated water is disinfected by solar energy and local people no longer have to boil water to drink it safely. Not only does this save firewood, it also emits less CO2. So far, 365 million liters of water have been disinfected and 100,000 tons of CO2 have been saved. Over 250,000 people in the affected rural areas have already been able to take advantage of this program. 

Helioz x aboutwater at ChangeNOW

You may be wondering how all these things are connected? We at aboutwater are happy to support Helioz in their sustainability concept at ChangeNow, which will take place in Paris from 19 to 21 May 2022, by providing them with our reusable and sustainable water bottles made of borosilicate glass . These were personalised by us with attractive printing and a QR code, which makes flyers and other disposable materials obsolete.

ChangeNOW - Workshops, lectures and much more

Each year, the three-day international summit brings together smart changemakers who tackle the biggest challenges facing our planet in order to take joint action and find innovative solutions. When? 19-21 May 2022. Where? Paris, Grand Palais Ephémère. Speakers: World leaders, business leaders, innovators, experts, investors, policy makers, young leaders of change and inspirational speakers such as Dr Jane Goodall.


At ChangeNOW topics are covered which range from ocean pollution to building sustainable cities, rethinking education, adopting a circular economy, fighting plastic pollution, developing renewable energy, women for change, Art for Change, CO2 reduction, agriculture and biodiversity, green mobility, avoiding greenwashing, tackling the refugee crisis and many other pressing challenges.

Eco-friendly measures from #ChangeNOW:

The event also stands out for its eco-friendliness, as it has committed to some interesting measures to be environmentally conscious and sustainable as an event.

It thus aims to integrate sustainable solutions and strongly believes in setting new standards for the event industry. Discover some of the commitments #ChangeNOW is making to pave the way for a new generation of environmentally conscious events:



From aboutwater, we are providing exhibitor Helioz, who will be on site at the event, with our durable, reusable water bottles as alternatives to single-use plastic bottles. So their employees can stay hydrated without generating plastic waste. #ChangeNOW has a "zero plastic bottles" policy, in addition #ChangeNOW provides plastic free badges made of mineral paper and ecological wristbands made of recycled fibers for all participants.

ZERO-WASTE is targeted:

The Paris Summit avoids waste and therefore certain materials such as for carpets, scraped cotton walls, roll-ups, goodies and flyers.


#ChangeNOW has committed to respectful waste separation and recycling by signing an environmental charter.

Implementation of the principles of CIRCULAR ECONOMY:

At #ChangeNOW, furniture is either rented or reused. For example, printed canvas becomes eco-friendly beanbags, scenographic structures find a second life in homes, businesses or other events.


The restaurants and caterers represented at the Summit are selected not only for the quality of their food, but above all for the quality of their environmental and social commitment. At least 70% of food is organic (or equivalent), local and seasonal. No beef is offered. Leftover food is recycled and given to those in need.


Every participant contributes to reforestation: For every participant registered at the summit, one tree is planted. In 2020, for example, 28,000 trees were planted.

How can you participate?

Be inspired by talks from world-class innovators find your business partners to amplify your projects and your impact, attend meetings, network, learn from the best players, participate in transformative workshops and much more! If you are interested, you can also purchase an online pass to the event at:

Take part in the changes in person or online and be a changemaker too. Join our community of changemakers and become part of the change!



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