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Custom Sports Bottles

Perfect for tournaments and events!

Provide your members and players with drinking water and highlight your team name at the same time. In a sustainable way. Our Kavodrink Classic & Premium Bottles out of Tritan are free of harmful substances, lightweight, robust and can be custom printed with the team logo, sponsor, QR code and even the individual names of the players.

Sports Bottles with Logo for Teams and Clubs

Customers who trust us:

Sport Trinkflaschen mit Vereinslogo - Sport Trinkflaschen bedrucken - Fußball, Sport, Vereine - Kavodrink Premium - für Kohlensäure

Custom printed Sports water bottles for your team

aboutwater is your professional partner and expert for sports water bottles. Regarding high-quality water bottles and their printing, we offer companies and sports clubs worldwide a comprehensive, personal service for this.


Unbreakable and pollutant-free

Water bottles made of Tritan. BPA-free, pollutant-free, environmentally friendly and durable material.

Can be printed as desired with team logo, individual names, numbers & QR code

High quality, attractive printing by in-house modern printing machines and experts. We help you make your team stand out.

Fast and efficient delivery & customer service

Shipping large and small quantities of water bottles to over 30 countries. Your own aboutwater contact person takes care of everything.

Manufacturer Prices and Quantity Discounts

Attractive manufacturer prices through direct partnership with the respective companies. Save costs efficiently.

Why are the bottles suitable for sports teams?

Our sports water bottles are unbreakable, leak-proof and free of harmful substances, i.e. free of BPA or BPS. We guarantee top quality at manufacturer prices and our printing machines guarantee high-quality, attractive printing of your sports water bottles with your team logo, design, individual names, numbers and QR code.

Why our bottles are better for the environment?

With just 1 reusable water bottle, you can save up to over 1000 disposable bottles a year. As experts in environmentally friendly materials, we at aboutwater focus on continuous development in collaboration with our global network. Our goal is to provide constantly improved sustainable materials for our water bottles.

Get inspiration from associations & companies that trust us:

Many of our clients are sports facilities (sports clubs, gyms), clubs, educational institutions (schools, colleges and kindergartens), healthcare facilities (hospitals, nursing homes) and companies.


Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure - Kavodrink Premium - Sporttrinkflaschen bedrucken Vereine - Fußball, etc.
Sport Trinkflaschen mit Vereinslogo - Sport Trinkflaschen bedrucken - Fußball, Sport, Vereine - Kavodrink Premium - für Kohlensäure
Nachhaltige Trinkflaschen bedrucken - aboutwater - Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure - Kavodrink Premium - Sporttrinkflaschen für Vereine - Fußball, Tennis, Handball, uvm. - mit Vereinslogo, Spielernamen
Sporttrinkflaschen bedrucken für Vereine - Sport Flaschen mit Vereinslogo - Kavodrink Premium
Kavodrink Flaschen - wiederverwendbar - Trinkflaschen aus Tritan

Which water bottle is suitable for sports?

Our Tritan Water Bottles are the ideal option for sporting activities.

BPA-free. Free of harmful substances. Extremely robust. Extremely light.

Available with your own print or unprinted.

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Custom Sports Bottles

Drink like the pros! With aboutwater sports bottles.

Promote the health of your members and players

Free from BPA, BPS and other harmful substances and plasticisers


Dishwasher Safe and heat-resistant. Transparency optimal for checking the fill level and purity.

Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure - Kavodrink Premium - Sporttrinkflaschen bedrucken Vereine - Fußball, etc.
Kavodrink Flaschen - wiederverwendbar - Trinkflaschen aus Tritan
Request Sports Water Bottles

Very low own weight and good in the hand thanks to recessed grip. Ideal for athletes.

Material: Tritan™

Food-safe, durable and environmentally friendly, odourless and tasteless. Extremely robust and when properly sealed, 100% leak-proof. Long reusable

Kavodrink Flaschen - Wiederverwendbare Tritan Trinkflaschen - Kavodrink - aboutwater

Request form for teams and sports water bottles

In just a few steps to your individual offer

sport trinkflaschen bedrucken verein - sportflaschen mit vereinslogo bedrucken

Would you like to have your sports bottles + accessories printed with a logo?

strengthens the team spirit and your presentation 

With unique project management and our in-house print specialists and presses, your print job is in the best hands with us. High quality printing for Tritan sports bottles and related accessories such as lids. The ideal message for your brand presence.

  1. Printing methods

    For the printing of your sports water bottles, we select the best printing technique for you depending on the quantity and project.

  2. High quality printing

    Dishwasher safe 360° printing of the bottles in colour and authenticity. Printing of team logo, team name, sponsor logo, player names, player numbers and QR code. Thanks to state-of-the-art printing machines.

  3. Personal Customer Service

    Non-binding expert advice on printing and layout, tailored to your request.

Minimum order for printed bottles: 100 pieces

Custom Sports Bottles
more information about the printing service

aboutwater sports bottles at the world's largest youth handball tournament

a real eye-catcher!

Our refillable sustainable water bottles are a real hit in clubs and sports teams. They express a strong team spirit, success and commitment. Especially for events and tournaments, the sports bottles are ideal because they are unbreakable, BPA-free, lightweight and can be printed with the club logo, team name, sponsor logo, player name, QR code and much more. The sports bottles are not only fun, but also make sense, because they are the ideal alternative to disposable plastic bottles and always provide you with liquid.

For example, the bottles were used at the Partille Cup, the world's largest youth handball tournament, and helped the players of MTV Dänischenhagen to stay hydrated and sustainable. Custom printed with the players' names, team logo and sponsor logo, the water bottles were a real hit. They could be refilled on site at the event at the installed water dispensers at any time and are a real eye-catcher.

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Without own logo immediately orderable in the shop!

sport trinkflaschen bedrucken verein - sportflaschen mit vereinslogo bedrucken - trinkflaschenfußball
Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure geeignet - mit Logo und Trinkskala - Kavodrink Premium

Drinking scale bottles for more motivation during sports & other activities

stay hydrated!

Staying hydrated is easier than ever with our refillable water bottles with drinking scale. Drinking enough water improves motivation, concentration and the immune system, and ultimately the general well-being of body and mind. Especially in the field of sports and where performance and productivity are required, it is important to drink enough.

The new drinking scale bottles show when you have drunk how much and remind you to drink enough throughout the whole day. Start with a full bottle in the morning or at the beginning of an activity and drink about 1 glass per hour according to the drinking scale. This is especially important during sporting activities!

The drinking scale bottles are also available in different colours and can be printed with your own logo.

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Without own logo immediately orderable in the shop!

Sustainability in sports

Actively protect the environment!

Sustainability is important in every area and thus also in the world of sport.

Sustainability in the sports sector is not only a responsibility, but also an opportunity to ensure the long-term success of sport and help shape a positive future. By integrating sustainability principles, sports companies can not only improve their own environmental footprint, but also serve as role models for fans, athletes and other industries. By making sport sustainable, we can make a valuable contribution to the preservation of our environment while maintaining the fascination and enthusiasm for sport.

The sports sector offers a unique platform to raise people's awareness of sustainability. Major sporting events attract a wide audience and can be used to raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire positive change. Sports teams and clubs can lead the way by adopting environmentally friendly practices.

At aboutwater, we have firmly anchored sustainability as a corporate goal. We try to act responsibly for people and the environment with our range of water products. Our products offer an easy way to contribute to the environment. Our bottles and water dispensers reduce costs, waste and CO2 emissions caused by the purchase, transport, storage and waste of bottled water and disposable products.

The sports water bottles, free of harmful substances such as BPA, BPS or other softeners, also do not release microplastics or other harmful substances. No chemicals or microplastics get into our bodies or the environment.

sport trinkflaschen bedrucken verein - sportflaschen mit vereinslogo bedrucken - fußball, handball, vereine

Why aboutwater bottles?

The sustainable water bottles from aboutwater are not only impressive because of their many advantages and possible uses, such as for your team, sports club, fitness studio, institution and educational and health facility, but above all thanks to their printing possibilities and their longevity.

Price-performance ratio
Possible uses
Customer satisfaction


We are happy to share with you the reviews of our customers.

Good service and lead time. Efficiency and sympathy of the commercial department.

Diogo Caldeira Cabral
Fonteviva - Portugal

Thanks to Michael and his staff our company was able to supply the water bottles in Italy while maintaining a very high quality of service.

H2O - italy

aboutwater has already printed bottles for us several times and we are simply thrilled with their competence, service, quality and flexibility. In the meantime, this has developed into a very trusting and cooperative partnership.

Christoph Lemmé
Business Analyst & Improvement ITG GmbH, 85445 Oberding

Customer Service

Good communication is important. Send us your inquiry here and we will get back to you immediately with an offer tailored to you and your club or team. Do you have any questions about our products or bottle printing?

Please do not hesitate, we will be happy to help you with our no-obligation advice. The members of our aboutwater team are happy to support you every step of the way, because competent problem solving and customer satisfaction are among our priorities.


aboutwater GmbH
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