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Earth Day


On the occasion of Earth Day, we would like to provide you with tips on sustainability at the workplace.

But first, a little more about Earth Day:

What is Earth Day and what is its theme this year?

Every year on 22 April, Earth Day is celebrated in over 175 countries. It is dedicated to environmental and climate protection and aims to draw attention to problems of environmental pollution. This day is meant to inspire awareness, organise environmental actions and rethink and change our behaviour in relation to nature, consumption and sustainability.

Since 1970, more and more countries have been focusing attention on our Earth, because there is no Planet B. The advancing environmental problems require a global rethinking and action.

The theme of this year 2022 is: Invest in our planet.

We add: Invest in our future!

Not just today, but every day: Make every day Earth Day

We can all contribute to environmental protection. Both in the private sphere and in the professional sphere. Join in! Let's reduce our ecological footprint together. As a private person and as a company.

On this environmental action day, we would like to give you a few easy-to-implement tips on how to be sustainable, especially at work, but also in your private life:

1. Environmentally friendly commute

It all starts with how you get to work in the first place. Switch to green ways of transport, such as train, bus, bike or foot. The most environmentally friendly way to get to work is, of course, by bike or on foot, which not only has a huge positive impact on the environment, but also directly benefits your health by incorporating exercise and sport into your daily life. Taking the train or bus is another ideal green alternative that can save a lot of CO2.

Those who really have no other alternative than to drive could form car pools, within the family, with work colleagues, friends, neighbours or look for carpooling on the internet.

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2. No to single-use plastic

Food and drinks without a lot of waste. Take groceries, food and drinks from home in reusable packaging. Get away from single-use plastic and disposable packaging. Cloth bags, lunch boxes made of stainless steel, sturdy BPA-free plastic such as Tritan, or other sustainable materials are best for transporting food.

You should always have your reusable water bottles at hand, preferably from aboutwater. To take your favourite drinks from home or refill your water bottles with fresh tap water at the office. Remember that your drinking bottles and food packaging should not only be reusable, but also BPA-free, BPS-free and robust and durable. For this we can highly recommend our sustainable water bottles .

The amount of single-use plastic used worldwide has tripled since the pandemic began. Take-away orders are the main cause of the increase. So either avoid take-aways or ask to leave out unnecessary packaging.

3. Second hand instead of new

You need new things?

Make more use of refurbished and second-hand goods. For the sake of the environment. The products are usually like new, you save money and less waste is produced. If we think about the resources that are saved and the many rubbish dumps that are filled with electronic waste, which also releases extremely dangerous toxins, then we will definitely reconsider our next purchase. This also applies to companies.

In addition, not only to make others happy, but also to give old things a new life, you can donate many things instead of throwing them away or selling them. Even broken items are often restored, repaired or refurbished by others with joy.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Refurbish.

4. Buy local and sustainable

Buy sustainable, regional products, preferably without disposable plastic packaging. Always try to buy local and seasonal products that focus on sustainability and environmental protection. Find out about seasonal foods that are not only healthy for the body but also for the environment. Switch to organic products that ideally come from your region. Weekly markets or health food shops are a good place to start.

And a good tip is always to read the packaging for information on origin, sustainability and organic.

5. Provide fresh, clean water in your company

Very concretely. Install a water purifiers or a water dispenser for your employees to stay hydrated and drink healthy, pure water without microplastics or plasticisers. Give out high-quality, sustainable water bottles, printable with your company logo or individual employee names as employee and customer gifts.

Why? According to a study on plastics and tap water (conducted by Orb Media), 83% of water samples tested from major metropolitan areas around the world were contaminated with plastic fibres. Microplastics were found in bottled water from 11 of the world's biggest brands. 93% of bottled water showed signs of microplastic contamination.

The very latest news also pointed to studies that have already discovered microplastics in the human organism. The majority of people are affected. Our water bottles out of borosilicate glass or Tritan are free of any harmful substances and do not release any toxins or microplastics into our bodies or the environment.

Kavodrink Flaschen 1000ml & weitere Größen - Tritan Trinkflasche - aboutwater

6. Switch to green electricity and save paper

Collect ideas internally, brainstorm and hold meetings on the topic of sustainability at the workplace. How can the employees and especially the company work and act more sustainably? What can employers do to make the office, the company, the production and everything behind it more sustainable? How can they protect the environment, save resources and reduce CO2 emissions?

Starting with switching off unused devices such as printers, monitors, computers or lights, especially overnight. Saving on printouts, paper, ink, electricity and water, using green electricity, ecological cleaning agents, no unnecessary business trips, no coffee machines with coffee capsules but High quality coffee machines , as we offer them at aboutwater. You will be amazed how much more you can do to be more sustainable.

7. Take part in actions or start some yourself

Participate in environmental actions such as Earth Day or Clean-Ups. Raise awareness and share knowledge. Organise your own actions. On this virtual map you will find worldwide Clean-Ups and you can register your own Clean-Up.

Now or never!

It is time to have the courage to preserve and protect our health, our families, our planet and thus our livelihoods. For Earth Day 2022, we must act, innovate and implement our goals. To do this, we need everyone. Businesses, governments and citizens. We need a partnership for our planet.

If you still don't have enough and would like to have more tips on the subject of sustainability, here are 52 ways you can invest in our planet: We personally think they are great!


52 Ways To Invest In Our Planet.


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