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Healthy water

Why drinking water is so important

What is it about the wet element? Why is it so important for our bodies to drink enough? And what happens if we don't?

More than half of our body consists of water. It is part of all body cells and body fluids and an important component in metabolic processes and biochemical reactions. Without water the kidneys cannot excrete breakdown products and we fall ill. We also excrete water through digestion, the air we breathe and sweat. It is simply essential for our bodies to survive.

Why we need to drink water


Water performs numerous essential functions in our bodies. The most important tasks include:


- Support of the digestion: Drinking water dissolves components in the food, makes them more absorbable, allows dietary fibre to swell and makes liquids such as saliva or gastric juice more fluid and thus allows them to flow better. This can also prevent constipation.


- Transport of nutrients: Water transports nutrients and oxygen to our cells, from where they can be processed again and used as energy. In addition, hormones are moved through the body, which in turn control our processes in the body.


- Fuel for the kidneys: Water is important as a means of transport for the excretion process and thus supports our kidneys in filtering out harmful substances. Every five minutes, the kidneys filter and cleanse the entire blood of the human body. That's about 1,800 liters of blood per day. Our brain burns 20 percent of our total daily energy, but our kidneys need just as much energy because they are continuously filtering and cleansing.

warum wasser trinken so wichtig ist - auch für unsere organe
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- Heart & Circulation: Water plays an important role in regulating blood pressure and heart rate.


- Temperature controller: When our body temperature rises, the information is registered by receptors in the skin and sent to the brain. Heat is conducted out of the body through sweat glands, and the body cools down again through evaporative cooling.


- Building material of cells: Water is a component of cells and tissues and the minerals it contains give our teeth and bones the necessary structure. In addition, it acts as a cushion for organs and joints. That is why it is important to always drink enough.


- Detox & Weight Loss: Drinking water stimulates the metabolism and curbs hunger. Drinking also eliminates harmful substances from the body that can make you sick and has a rejuvenating effect.

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How much water should we actually drink per day?

Water is involved in numerous bodily functions and our bodies are made up of up to 60% water. However, the actual percentage varies by organ - our brain and kidneys have the most (80-85%), but our blood and even our bones and teeth are also partly made up of water. Body composition also affects water percentage - women have slightly less (55%) than men because they usually have more fat tissue, which binds less water than low-fat tissue like muscle.


But how much water do we actually need? It should be between 30 - 40 ml per kg body weight - for a healthy adult that's about 2.5 l per day. But our water needs also depend on our age, how active we are and how hot it is that day. And it is also possible to drink too much water, especially with thyroid and kidney diseases.


To stay hydrated, it's a good idea to use a refillable water bottle - that way you'll always know how much you're drinking and you'll stay hydrated. We have the perfect everyday companions to keep you hydrated. High quality, robust Water Bottles with sustainability and style. Out of Tritan or Glass. The new Kavodrink Premium Bottle (as shown on the right) can be attractively personalizsed just like all the other water bottles. One idea from our side is the drinking scale with the times as water level, so you don't forget to drink. Whether with scale, with your company logo or unprinted, the bottles make drinking stylish.

Wiederverwendbare Flaschen - Tritan Trinkflaschen Kavodrink
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What happens when we don't drink enough?  

Drinking enough water in the office and at school

Whether in everyday life or at work, whether for students or adults: drinking is important. Whether it's back to school or back to the office, especially now that school is starting, we're back in the office, fresh from vacation: keep yourself hydrated. Why? What really happens when we don't drink enough?

Already after 5 hours without water the first effects can be seen. Besides dry lips and mouth, one feels unwell, has first movement restrictions, pulse and blood pressure rise - the blood becomes more viscous and it therefore needs more effort to pump it through the body. Reaction, concentration and learning ability are also affected relatively quickly.

After 10 hours, our cognitive abilities are already severely impaired and the metabolism shuts down. Circulatory problems such as dizziness and headaches set in.

After 48 hours without water, mental and physical abilities are already very severely limited, shortness of breath sets in and salivation stops.

Three days without water are extremely dangerous - if the body loses more than 20% of its fluid in relation to body weight, the person is no longer able to survive.

Humans can go a maximum of eleven days without water. During this time, he loses up to six liters of water through urine and thus falls below the survivable limit.

Normally it does not come to that. However, it is important to drink regularly and not only when you are thirsty, in order to be healthy and sufficiently supplied with water. Not everyone has a pronounced sense of thirst. Younger and older people in particular feel less thirsty or forget to drink, which can lead to them not hydrating enough. Athletes are also advised to always drink enough to stay fit and perform well. The best drinks for this are water and unsweetened teas.

Back to School - Drinking water in class

Shortly before the school starts again - so that all pupils and students can start again with full energy and stamina in the school day - we want to remind: drink enough water, then the concentration and performance is maintained. For this we have the best school companion with our robust and sustainable drinking bottles completely free of BPA or other harmful substances. sustainable water bottles completely free of BPA or other harmful substances.

Healthy eating and sufficient fluid intake is of great importance in everyday school life. This together with environmentally friendly, reusable products results in healthy and sustainable actions, which can never be learned early enough.

With our drinking bottles, disposable waste is saved and the students are helped to drink healthy in an attractive way. Water instead of sugary drinks. The water bottles can be personalised and in addition to a playful motif they can also be printed with a name field - here the children can write their names themselves. Alternatively we can use Digital Printing to also have individual names printed directly. A nice project in which we are very happy to be involved. Learn more about our Bottle assortment .

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What should you drink?

Thirst quencher: water

The best thirst quencher is and remains water. Pure, sugar-free is best, or alternatively, if we get bored with water: simply spice it up with cucumber slices, lemon slices, ginger or unsweetened fruit or herbal tea. This can also be used to make wonderful iced tea in the warmer months, for example. Fruit juices should be drunk with enough water, more water than fruit juice would be ideal. Unsuitable thirst quenchers, however, are highly sugary drinks such as lemonades, pure juices, cola or other sugary drinks.


Alcoholic beverages should be consumed sparingly, because alcohol ensures that fluids and minerals are flushed out. This is also the reason for the increased need for water when you have had one glass too many.


Drinking enough water has many positive effects: It keeps you fit, refreshes you, increases your ability to concentrate, improves your mental performance and promotes your physical health. Our body needs water for many of its vital functions. Our kidneys and liver detoxify our system with water by flushing out waste products. Cartilage and joints need water to stay supple. According to studies, drinking enough water can even prevent cancer and heart disease.


Therefore, drink a glass of water several times a day - your body and your good mood will thank you!

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