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How to Clean Glass and Plastic Water Bottles

Clean water bottles correctly:

The more often we use a water bottle, the more sustainable we act, but the more important it is also to clean it regularly. A high quality Water Bottle out of Glass or hard plastic like Tritan can be our constant companion, whether in the office, during sports, yoga, hiking or other ventures. You can ensure hygiene and longevity of your water bottle with proper cleaning.

Why and how often should I clean my water bottle?


Depending on what liquid you fill and how often you use the bottles.


You use your water bottle every day? Then you should also clean it daily, at least rinse it with hot water and some detergent and clean the grooves in the cap and at the mouth opening. Even if you just fill it with water, a biofilm of microorganisms can form, which can only be prevented by thorough cleaning.


Just as with dishes, it is also advisable to clean water bottles regularly to prevent the formation of germs and bacteria.

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How do I clean my water bottle properly?

1. Cleaning the water bottles (without caps) in the dishwasher


A great advantage of our water bottles, both the Glass Bottles and the Tritan Bottles, is that they are dishwasher safe and heat resistant, so you can easily clean them in standard dishwashers.


However, we recommend that you only clean the bottles in the dishwasher occasionally to disinfect them from time to time, but to do the daily cleaning in a gentler way, by hand.


Cleaning by hand with a brush can often be even more efficient (learn more about home remedies below)..


The closures, such as bamboo and stainless steel or premium closures (2K), do not belong in the dishwasher. Read on and learn how to clean also them correctly.

aboutwater Glas Trinkflasche - nachhaltige Trinkflaschen bedrucken lassen - Glasflaschen personalisieren - Bildung - Borosilikatglas
Wie man am besten seine Trinkflasche reinigt - sanft per Hand oder in Spülmaschine bei nicht zu hoher Temperatur

2. Cleaning the water bottles by hand (recommended)

As the saying goes, what you love, you protect. With this in mind, if you clean your water bottles regularly but gently by hand, they will stay attractive and hygienic for a long time. You can thus enjoy them for a long time and always stay healthy and hydrated.

This is how you do it:

1. Fill the bottle with hot water at a maximum temperature of 80 °C.

2. Add a few drops of washing-up liquid and close the bottle with its cap.

3. Shake the closed bottle well and then pour out the contents.

4. Clean the bottle opening with its grooves and the cap well.

5. Rinse the bottle and cap thoroughly.

6. To dry completely, turn the bottle upside down inclined.

3. The even more thorough cleaning of the water bottles

The most thorough cleaning is probably with a long bottle brush or dish brush to also clean the bottom and any debris there. With a little dishwashing liquid, this is usually sufficient.

Other useful home remedies for a very thorough cleaning if the bottle has not been cleaned for a long period of time or if deposits have built up:

1. Mix hot water with: either vinegar cleaner, dishwasher tabs, baking powder (do not close the bottle because of possible gas formation) or rice grains and lemon juice.

2. Leave on for a few hours.

3. Shake well and rinse.

4. Allow to dry.

Wie reinige ich am Besten meine Trinkflasche - Reinigungsempfehlung - hier: Wasserhahn
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How do I clean the cap on my water bottle?

Our attractive and efficient caps, which have to keep our water bottles constantly closed, deserve a little wellness treatment every now and then. We recommend not to clean the caps in the dishwasher, but best gently with some detergent and a cloth (be careful with coarse brushes, as they can scratch the cap). Stainless steel closures can be soaked in a soap and water mixture. Bamboo closures are a little more water-shy.

Also the silicone ring inside the Glass Bottles closures can be easily removed and cleaned separately. Then allow to dry and simply reinsert. The bottle is ready for the next use.

The 2K Premium closure of our Kavodrink Premium Tritan Bottle has a fixed integrated sealing ring that cannot and must not be removed. The closure as a whole is best cleaned thoroughly by hand with a sponge and detergent.

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