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Kavodrink Premium Tritan Water Bottles

Innovative, new design.

With logo or motif the very special, sustainable gift.

Printable from 100 bottles upwards.

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Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure - Kavodrink Premium

Kavodrink Premium Water Bottles

Accompanies you elegantly throughout the day.

Make a statement with meaningful, sustainable giveaways for employees and customers.

New and with even more advantages:

More printing space for your own logo and motif

Thanks to the new bottle design, even more surface area is available for printing. For even more brand visibility.

Suitable for carbonated drinks

The new caps make the bottles carbonic acid resistant without leaking.

2K closures - personalisable

With integrated sealing ring: hygienic, leak-proof and also for carbonated drinks. In the colours Grey, Blue, Brown and Cream.

Bottles in 4 different elegant colours

Cool Grey, Blue, Transparent, Black

Water Bottle out of Tritan


Free from BPA, BPS and other harmful substances and plasticizers


Dishwasher Safe and heat-resistant up to 100 degrees (Celsius). Transparency optimal for checking the fill level and purity.

Nachhaltige Trinkflaschen bedrucken - aboutwater - Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure - Kavodrink Premium

Low dead weight and ergonomic, new design

Material: Tritan™

Food-safe, durable and environmentally friendly, neutral in taste and odour. Shatterproof, shockproof and 100% leak proof when srewed on correctly. Long reusable.

Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure - Kavodrink Premium - Sporttrinkflaschen bedrucken Vereine - Fußball, etc.

You would like to print your Kavodrink Premium water bottles?

Discover the new way to advertise.

Through unique project management and our in-house print specialists and presses, your print job is in the best hands.

  1. Printing methods

    For the printing of the premium bottles we choose the best printing technique for you depending on the quantity and project.

  2. High quality printing

    Dishwasher-safe all-round printing of the bottles in colour and authenticity. Thanks to the most modern printing machines.

  3. Personal Customer Service

    Non-binding expert advice on printing and layout, tailored to your request.

Minimum order for printed bottles: 100 pieces

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Companies that trust us

Nachhaltige Trinkflaschen bedrucken - aboutwater - Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure - Kavodrink Premium - Sporttrinkflaschen für Vereine - Fußball, Tennis, Handball, uvm. - mit Vereinslogo, Spielernamen
Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure geeignet - Kavodrink Premium
Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure geeignet - Kavodrink Premium - Bildung - Schule - Kinder

Our new Drinking Scale Bottles

Stay hydrated!

With our new hydration scale bottles you can keep track of your fluid intake and stay hydrated!

Start right in the morning and drink about 1 glass of water per hour as indicated by the scale. Drinking regularly keeps the body hydrated, focused and healthy.

Especially popular are the bottles with scale in offices and companies for employees, guests, customers or in educational institutions for teachers, pupils and students.

You can also have us print your logo or motif on the bottles - on the front or on the back - and you will receive the ideal gift and promotional item.

Your bottle, Your message.

Request now with your own logo
order drinking scale bottles in our shop

Without own logo immediately orderable in the shop!

Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure geeignet - mit Logo und Trinkskala - blau
Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure geeignet - mit Logo und Trinkskala - Kavodrink Premium
Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure geeignet - mit Logo und Trinkskala - blau
Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure geeignet - mit Logo und Trinkskala - blau
Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure geeignet - mit Logo und Trinkskala
Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure geeignet - mit Logo und Trinkskala

Order unprinted bottles immediately in the shop or request personalised Kavodrink Premium water bottles

Minimum order for printed bottles: 100 pieces

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Personalised Tritan water bottles

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Learn more about our Premium Water Bottles

Design with effect

Our Kavodrink Premium water bottles do not only have a unique, new design and therefore look elegant, but thanks to the recessed grip on both sides they also lie particularly well in the hand and are practical.

Now our premium bottles and their caps are available in even more colours. In addition, you have even more printing space available for your logo on the bottles and the caps can also be personalised.

Made from food grade Tritan, these drinking bottles are BPA free, toxin free, lightweight and unbreakable all at the same time, making them the ideal daily companion with their innovative shape and always ready to hand to quench your thirst.

The reusable bottles are ideal for all areas, whether office, leisure, sports, events, education or health.

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personalisierte kavodrink premium trinkflaschen aus tritan - infografik -beschreibung - vorteile - kohlensäure geeignet

Sustainable for you and the environment

You too can opt for sustainability. For the sake of the environment and people.

Our materials, including our Kavodrink Premium water bottles, are designed to have a long life and a high resistance. The longer the bottles are in use, the more sustainable they are. In contrast to disposable plastic, we rely on high-quality, reusable bottles.

With our innovative BPA-free Kavodrink Premium bottles, manufactured in Germany and Austria, we are working towards a sustainable, successful circular economy in which raw materials and energy are kept and used in the cycle. Circular economy is a regenerative system and a material cycle, as opposed to a linear or throwaway economy.

Our Kavodrink Premium water bottles also release neither microplastics nor other harmful substances. Therefore, no chemicals or microplastics parts get into our bodies or the environment. We want to achieve that less plastic waste is produced and the use of resources and CO2 emissions are reduced.

We are continuously searching and developing more sustainable materials in collaboration with other leaders in the field.

Suitable for carbonated drinks

Our Kavodrink Premium water bottles are 100% leak-proof even with carbonated drinks thanks to their new caps. Make sure that the cap is screwed on properly. You can fill mineral water, carbonated soft drinks and any other drinks without any problems. The bottles are leak-proof.

Stay hydrated both in everyday life and at work. Make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle with your own reusable water bottles. Whether you fill your water bottle with water, carbonated or non-carbonated drinks, teas or fruit juices and smoothies, etc., the taste of the drink remains.

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Personalisierte Trinkflaschen Kohlensäure geeignet
Personalisierte Trinkflaschen Kohlensäure geeignet - verschluss - creme
Personalisierte Trinkflaschen Kohlensäure geeignet - verschluss - braun
Personalisierte Trinkflaschen Kohlensäure geeignet - verschluss - blau
Personalisierte Trinkflaschen Kohlensäure geeignet - verschluss - grau

2K Premium Caps

The new Premium closures consist of 2 components in one: closure with integrated, fixed sealing ring. Screw the closure tight and the bottles are thus even more hygienic, even more leak-proof and all this also for carbonated drinks.

Available in grey, blue, brown and cream. Matches the different colours of the Premium water bottle.

Can be personalised with your logo or motif.

What is Tritan? Is Tritan healthy?

Tritan is an extremely high-quality and robust synthetic, BPA free and harmless for your health and for the environment. It is suitable for people of all ages and is therefore the perfect alternative to disposable plastic for our Kavodrink Premium water bottles.

Unlike other synthetics, Tritan does not release any harmful substances, microplastics, BPA or BPS. Your drink, your organism and also nature are thus spared from pollutants.

The Tritan used for our Kavodrink bottles, also called Tritan™ Copolyester, convinces with many advantages: It is food safe, tasteless, odorless, unbreakable, free of harmful substances, sustainable, heat resistant and dishwasher safe. It was developed by the US company Eastman and has been tested, approved and classified as safe by both the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and the EFSA (European Food and Safety Association).

Sport Trinkflaschen mit Vereinslogo - Sport Trinkflaschen bedrucken - Fußball, Sport, Vereine - Kavodrink Premium - für Kohlensäure

Why choose Kavodrink Premium Water Bottle?

The elegant, high-quality Kavodrink Premium water bottle made of Tritan really lives up to its name. It not only impresses with its many advantages and possible uses, but above all with its printing options and durability. 

Price-performance ratio
Possible uses
Customer satisfaction
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Our Customers

Our Kavodrink Premium water bottles, as well as the personalisation of the bottles are highly requested in the following areas:

Sport, Everyday Life and Leisure

Our reusable Kavodrink Premium water bottles are excellent and increasingly popular in the areas of sports, everyday life and leisure, as they are easy to transport and unbreakable.

They are ideal for gyms, indoor and outdoor sports, as well as games, as our bottles with recessed grip are very handy, safe and hygienic. Printed bottles also ensure higher customer loyalty and presence of your name.

Health and Education

The BPA-free Kavodrink Premium bottles are particularly useful and in demand in the healthcare sector, such as hospitals, nursing homes or in the wellness sector, as well as in educational institutions. Since the bottles are made of pollutant-free, unbreakable Tritan and are dishwasher safe, they guarantee safety and hygiene.

Personalised water bottles with your own logo help you for more brand visibility and appreciation of your facility.


Whether as a gift for employees, customers or business partners. The BPA-free, sustainable Kavodrink Premium water bottles are the ideal sustainable giveaway. Discover the new way to advertise with personalised bottles with logo, name and motif of your company.

Likewise for restaurants, hotels, catering and at events the sense of the bottles is given. They serve as an ideal advertising medium and efficient marketing.

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We are happy to share with you the reviews of our customers.

Good service and lead time. Efficiency and sympathy of the commercial department.

Diogo Caldeira Cabral
Fonteviva - Portugal

Thanks to Michael and his staff our company was able to supply the water bottles in Italy while maintaining a very high quality of service.

H2O - italy

aboutwater has already printed bottles for us several times and we are simply thrilled with their competence, service, quality and flexibility. In the meantime, this has developed into a very trusting and cooperative partnership.

Christoph Lemmé
Business Analyst & Improvement ITG GmbH, 85445 Oberding

Customer Service

Communication is everything. Feel free to send us your inquiry here and we will get back to you immediately with an offer tailored to you and your project. Do you have any questions about our products or the printing of bottles?

Please do not hesitate, we will be happy to help you with our no-obligation advice. The members of our aboutwater team are happy to support you every step of the way, because competent problem solving and customer satisfaction are among our priorities.


aboutwater GmbH
Robert-Koch-Str. 2
82152 Planegg


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