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Personalised Glass Bottles - custom printed

Your meaningful customer and employee gift.

Sustainable glass bottles made of 100 % borosilicate glass: lighter, more robust, clearer. Practical and pollutant-free.

With your own company logo for a strong brand presence.

Also available without logo directly via our Shop.

Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Wasserflaschen aus Glas
Personalised Glass Bottles

Customers who trust us:

Examples of glass bottles with logo for inspiration!

Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Wasserflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo
Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Wasserflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo
Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Wasserflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo
Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Wasserflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo
Glasflasche 1l - Wasserflasche aus Glas - Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Wasserflaschen aus Glas -Glasflasche 1l - mit Firmenlogo

Our Slim & Wideneck personalised Glass Bottles

Whether as a promotional gift for employees or customers, in companies, offices, in education or health areas. Have the elegant glass bottles printed and personalised to create your sustainable promotional product for a strong brand presence.

All our bottles are also available unprinted.

100 % Borosilicate Glass

Durable, BPA-free, pollutant-free, eco-friendly, tasteless and odorless. More robust and lighter than normal glass. Without glass seam.

Robust and suitable for carbon dioxide

The glass bottles are a high quality, scratch resistant design with reinforced bottom. Also suitable for carbonated drinks.

Purity and Heat Resistance

Dishwasher-safe and extremely heat-resistant up to min. 100 degrees, also for personalised glass bottles. Insensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Nachhaltige Trinkflaschen bedrucken - aboutwater -Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Wasserflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo
individual 360° print possible

Take advantage of the opportunity to have personalised glass bottles made as an innovative advertising medium for your brand. To strengthen customer loyalty.

Personalised Glass Bottles
Different Sizes

The glass bottles are available as Slim in 0.55 litre, 0.75 litre and 1 litre bottles and Wideneck in 0.7 litre and 1 litre.

Different Bottle Necks and Different Closures

Narrow and wide drinking opening. Bamboo or stainless steel closure (leak-proof even with carbon dioxide). Personalisable.

Protective Sleeves

Fabric sleeves in different colours (black, blue, grey) available for glass bottles. Personalisable.

Order unprinted bottles immediately in the shop or request personalised glass bottles

Minimum order for printed bottles: 100 pieces

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Personalised Glass Bottles
Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Wasserflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo - Werbeartikel für Studenten - Schule, Uni
Schutzhüllen und Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo
Edelstahlverschluss und Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo
Bambusverschluss und Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo - Wasserflasche Glas

Would you like to have your Slim & Wideneck glass bottles personalised?

We offer first-class project management for the personalisation and printing of your glass bottles, closures and protective sleeves using our own printing specialists and printing machines.

  1. Printing methods

    Depending on the desired project and required quantity, digital printing, screen printing and laser printing are possible for your glass bottles.

  2. High quality design

    Thanks to state-of-the-art printing machines, we guarantee attractive, dishwasher-safe quality printing and personalisation, which can of course be implemented in colour and all-round.

  3. Personal Customer Service

    We aim to cater entirely to your individual wishes and are happy to advise you on printing and layout at any time. Simply send us an inquiry and we will help you with the design of your personalised glass bottles.

Minimum order for printed bottles: 100 pieces

Personalised Glass Bottles
print guide
Print Template


Glaskaraffe mit Deckel - für Hotels, Gastronomie, Events, Meetings Büro
Glaskaraffe mit Deckel - für Hotels, Gastronomie, Events, Meetings Büro


glass carafe for offices & EVENTS!
Our premium glass carafe has a capacity of 1200 ml and therefore serves several people in conference rooms, office kitchens, at meetings or events.
The glass carafe is made of extremely robust borosilicate glass, which is BPA-free, lightweight and glass-clear. The stainless steel and rubber lid has a closing mechanism that enables drip-free pouring.
Unprinted carafes can be ordered in the shop from just 1 piece. Carafes personalised with your own company logo or design on request from 50 pieces.
order in the shop
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Welcome Set (Pack of 3)

For only €29.90 excl. VAT

Fancy sustainability? Order your set of 3 high-quality drinking bottles now at a special price. Ideal as a sample set to try out which of the sustainable bottles you like best if you are planning to order a larger quantity - with or without your own logo. Also perfect as a gift for yourself, your employees or your business partners.
The offer includes a Slim Glass Bottle 700ml, a Kavodrink Premium Tritan Bottle 800ml (choose between 4 colours) and a Stainless Steel Bottle (choose between 3 colours)
Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Logo und Trinkskala
Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Logo und Trinkskala
Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo und Trinkskala
Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Logo und Trinkskala
Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Logo und Trinkskala
Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Logo und Trinkskala

Our new Drinking Scale Bottles

Keep track of your fluid intake and stay hydrated!

The new bottles with drinking scale show when you have drunk how much and remind you to drink enough fluid throughout the day. Start right in the morning and drink about 1 glass of water per hour according to the drinking scale. Drinking regularly keeps the body hydrated, focused and fit.

Especially popular are the bottles with scale in offices and companies for employees, guests, customers or in educational institutions for teachers, pupils and students.

You can also have us print your logo or motif on the bottles - on the front or on the back - and you will receive the ideal gift and promotional item.

Your bottle, Your message.

Personalised glass bottles
order drinking scale bottles in our shop

Without own logo immediately orderable in the shop!

Inquiry Form for personalised glass bottles

In just 4 simple steps to your personalised offer for unprinted or printed glass bottles with your logo. You can already send us your logo and we will create a visualisation for you on request.


Learn more about Glass Bottles and Personalised Glass Bottles

Glasflasche 1l - Slim 1 Liter Glasflasche - erfrischt in den Sommer - nachhaltige Trinkflaschen bedrucken

Advantages and Properties of Glass Bottles

Our glass bottles are made of food-safe borosilicate glass, they are free of BPA or other harmful substances and convince with their low weight and robustness. They not only look classy and stylish, but also leave a lasting impression on customers and employees. With personalised glass bottles, every sip of water, every reach for the bottle could strengthen your brand visibility and image. Find out for yourself.

Apart from their style, they are also practical and easy to hold. The glass bottles are very durable and extremely robust thanks to their reinforced base. With high-quality glass bottles like these, you can bring your customers, employees or guests joy for a long time.

Stay hydrated at all times, because sufficient fluid intake is important for a healthy lifestyle. The glass bottles are neutral regarding taste and odour, therefore they ensure that the taste of the drink remains. Whether you fill your glass bottles with water, teas, carbonated drinks, fruit juices or smoothies.

With our sustainable glass bottles, we rely on high-quality material, namely borosilicate glass. (read more below). They are the ideal alternative to disposable bottles and are perfect for everyday use as well as in professional areas such as offices and companies, hotels, restaurants and events, as well as in the health sector and in educational institutions.

The resilient material borosilicate glass (read more about this below) is extremely heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, so you can comfortably clean the bottles in the dishwasher. The glass bottles can also easily withstand high temperature fluctuations without damaging the material. In addition, the bottles are completely without a glass seam.

All this also applies to printed personalised glass bottles.

Personalised glass bottles

Print, Personalise and Customise Glass Bottles

The perfect employee and customer gift!

The glass bottles can be individually assembled with their many accessories and all their components can be personalised and printed. From the glass bottles, to the protective sleeve and closure we can print all parts of the glass bottle for you. Borosilicate glass is ideal for printing and embellishing with your company logo, design, slogan or motif. 

Due to the lightness of the borosilicate glass material, the bottle is ideal for transport. The matching protective covers made of fabric for our Slim and Wideneck glass bottles provide additional protection, insulate the glass bottles and ensure that they can be gripped securely even with wet hands. For an optimal appearance, we can also print and personalise the protective covers for you on request.

The different bottle necks, called Slim or Wideneck, can be selected according to preference. Depending on the desired filling quantity, diameter, height of the bottle and the size of the drinking opening, there is something for everyone.

The closures for glass bottles are available in either bamboo or stainless steel. These are also very popular for personalisation. We offer you our laser printing service, which personalises and engraves your closures with your logo or individual names.

Personalised Glass Bottles
Trinkflaschen mit Firmenlogo als Mitarbeitergeschenk - Glasflaschen bedrucken
Nachhaltige Trinkflaschen bedrucken - Verschlüsse und nachhaltige Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - aboutwater - personalisierte Glasflaschen - Bambus und Edelstahl Verschlüsse gravieren lassen - aboutwater

The Closures for Glass Bottles

As closures for our glass bottles you can choose between a bamboo and a stainless steel closure. Both materials are sustainable, very robust and easy to clean by hand.

The bamboo closure is increasingly used in the wellness, yoga and nature sectors, while the elegant stainless steel closure is popular on bottles in the office, corporate and restaurant sectors.

Both closures can be personalised and embellished with motifs.

Cleaning the glass bottles

What is the best way to clean the glass bottles and their closures?

Thanks to our special borosilicate glass, the glass bottles are extremely heat resistant and dishwasher safe, which is why you can clean them with conventional dishwashers. A more gentle cleaning is of course given by hand, with running water, detergent and sponge or a bottle brush, so that also the bottom of the bottle can be properly cleaned. The transparency of the glass bottles is optimal, not only to see the fill level at any time, but also to keep an eye on any dirt and drink residues. So you know when you should clean the bottle again. The borosilicate glass is scratch-resistant, it remains clear and transparent for a long time, provided that it is regularly cleaned thoroughly but gently.

We should protect what we value. That is why we recommend that you always clean the closures of the glass bottles by hand. You can do this easily with a little detergent and a cloth. Thus, the bamboo and stainless steel closures with their integrated sealing ring remain elegant, beautiful and 100% leak-proof.

Are you planning to have your glass bottles printed? No problem. Due to our high-quality printing technology, the glass bottles printed by us can be washed in the dishwasher without any problems. However, it also applies here: in order to maintain an even longer-lasting print, gentle cleaning by hand with a little washing-up liquid and warm water is recommended.

Request Glass Bottles
instructions for cleaning
Gastronomie Glasflaschen mit Logo für Hotel, Restaurant, Catering und Events

Sustainability of our Glass Bottles

Sustainability is very important to us at aboutwater.

The importance of sustainability in companies is increasing. In our time, when environmental problems are becoming more and more urgent, companies play a crucial role in meeting these new challenges. Therefore, sustainability should be included in the business model of companies.By using refillable, sustainable bottles, you take a step in the right direction. Moreover, if you have the bottles personalised, you can strengthen your brand identity and clarify your sustainable business strategy at the same time.

Together, we want to protect the environment and reduce waste and emissions. The materials used to make our drinking bottles, as well as for our glass bottles, where borosilicate glass is used, they are highly resistant and durable. By reusing bottles, i.e. multi-use, instead of single-use, as with so many single-use products, we can greatly reduce our ecological footprint and prevent waste from entering nature.

We rely on a sustainable circular economy instead of a throwaway economy.

Moreover, since our glass bottles do not release any pollutants, chemicals or microplastics, the environment and the human body are spared. Let's reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions together.

We are constantly developing improved solutions for sustainable, environmentally friendly materials and are in close collaboration with other leaders in the field to do so.

Innovation and collaboration for a sustainable future.

Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Logo und Trinkskala

Fascinating Facts about Borosilicate Glass

What is Borosilicate Glass?

For many good reasons, borosilicate glass is considered the safest glass and the safest, most environmentally friendly packaging material for food and beverages.

Borosilicate glass was originally developed for laboratories, where sterility plays a major role, because it is chemical-free. Thanks to its special properties and advantages, it was soon used in laboratories, medicine and industry worldwide. It is resistant to the most aggressive chemicals and does not release any substances into liquids, food or humans. For these reasons, it is nowadays also used in everyday life especially for bottles, drinking bottles, kitchen utensils, containers and food packaging. It is therefore the ideal material for our glass bottles.

Borosilicate glass has a lower density than conventional glass and is therefore extremely robust and light at the same time. It is stronger and lighter than the most common mass-produced glass, soda-lime glass, which is normally used for bottles and jars. Of course, it is still glass, so you should still not drop it from too great a height.

Compared to normal glass, borosilicate glass does not shatter when exposed to high heat. On the contrary, the borosilicate glass we use for our glass bottles is extremely heat-resistant and remains robust even at high temperatures, for example, when filling teas or in the dishwasher, it does not release any harmful substances and it remains clear.

Not only is the glass BPA-free and free of harmful substances, but it is also tasteless and odourless. This means that it does not give off any taste or smell to the contents. Whether you fill your glass bottles with teas, water, fruit juices, smoothies or carbonated drinks, the taste remains.

The durability and reusability of the material over years makes it the environmentally friendly alternative to disposable bottles or single-use plastic. When borosilicate glass is melted down, it can also be fully recycled and reused.

At aboutwater we specialise in non-toxic materials for the food industry and can strongly recommend the materials selected for our water bottles and thus for our glass bottles

request glass bottles

The Different Protective Sleeves our Glass Bottles

As further accessories, we recommend our protective sleeves to insulate your personalised glass bottles, to protect them even better and to have them even more securely in your hand. With the sleeves, for example, the bottles can be used easily even with wet hands without slipping away. They are also easy to put on and take off. The protective sleeves look stylish, are personalisable and leave a lasting impression with every reach for the bottle.

Choose for your Slim and Wideneck glass bottles a fabric cover (available in black, gray, blue). The material is resistant and pleasant to the touch.

Schutzhüllen und Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Glasflasche 1l - Slim & Wideneck Wasserflasche aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo
Schutzhüllen und Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo
Schutzhüllen und Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo
Schutzhüllen und nachhaltige Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - aboutwater - personalisierte Glasflaschen - Wideneck Schutzhülle
Schutzhüllen und nachhaltige Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - aboutwater - personalisierte Glasflaschen - Wideneck Schutzhülle
Schutzhüllen und nachhaltige Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - aboutwater - personalisierte Glasflaschen - Wideneck Schutzhülle
Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo

Why Choose a Custom Glass Bottle?

The versatile, safe glass bottle not only impresses with its sustainability and noble appearance, but also with its stylish accessories, the many print variants and possible uses. Let yourself be inspired. Have your glass bottles personalised with logo and name on request. The perfect customer and employee gift.

Price-performance ratio
Possible uses
Customer satisfaction
Price List for Glass Bottles

Our Customers

Our glass bottles, as well as custom printed and personalised glass bottles, are most commonly used for:


The unprinted glass bottles, as well as personalised glass bottles are perfectly suitable as employee gifts or promotional items for your customers and business partners. Personalised bottles of your brand or company, with your own logo or design ensure effective advertising and optimal branding with every sip of water. Sustainable, personalised glass bottles with style and impact.

Sustainable, on demand personalised glass bottles with style and impact.

Health and Education

The reusable glass bottles for refilling are also particularly in demand in the health sector, such as hospitals, nursing homes or in the wellness sector. In educational institutions such as schools, universities and kindergartens, the sustainable glass bottles are just as impressive because they are made of pollutant-free, extremely robust borosilicate glass and guarantee hygiene. Personalised glass bottles with logo make a professional impression.

Sport, Everyday Life and Leisure

Our glass bottles are perfectly suited and increasingly seen in leisure, travel, everyday life and sports. Since our glass bottles are made of borosilicate glass, not only free of harmful substances, but also very robust and light, they have many uses. They are handy, hygienic and always ready to hand. The protective sleeves also ensure even more safety. Leave a strong impression with your personalised custom printed glass bottles.

Hotel & Restaurant

Our glass bottles and the personalisation of them are very popular and often seen in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector as water bottles on tables and for guests. Not only do they serve their purpose and look classy and stylish, but they also help to increase your brand visibility and strengthen a green image of your business. Our glass bottles stand for quality and leave a lasting impression on everyone.

years as experts in the industry
happy customers
bottles sold


We are happy to share with you the reviews of our customers.

We have been a customer of aboutwater for many years and are extremely satisfied with their high quality products and reliable service. aboutwater has become our partner for water dispensers and matching customisable water bottles. They adapt to our needs and always help us achieve a cost-effective, sustainable water supply. Employees are happy and always healthily hydrated, we save money and time, and the environment is protected too. What's more, the equipment and products look stylish.

Jörg Wohlert

We have been working with aboutwater for many years in a spirit of trust. Like us, aboutwater attaches great importance to sustainable products and services and convinces us with a high level of competence, professional service, friendly contacts and quick implementation of our wishes.

Maximilian Bühler
Bühler Catering, Ettlingen

Thanks to Michael and his staff our company was able to supply the water bottles in Italy while maintaining a very high quality of service.

h2o - italy

aboutwater has already printed bottles for us several times and we are simply thrilled with their competence, service, quality and flexibility. In the meantime, this has developed into a very trusting and cooperative partnership.

Christoph Lemmé
Business Analyst & Improvement ITG GmbH, 85445 Oberding

Customer Service

We also focus on quality in our customer service, because good communication is important.

Do you have questions about our products, our bottles and personalised bottles? Would you like to have a personal offer? Send us your inquiry and we will get back to you immediately with an offer that is exactly tailored to your project and your wishes.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us, our aboutwater team members are happy to support and advise you every step of the way. The satisfaction of our customers and sufficient support are very important to us.


aboutwater GmbH
Robert-Koch-Str. 2
82152 Planegg


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