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Setting sail for more sustainability

Conquering the oceans with sustainability: Ant Arctic Lab Project sets sail on 6 August with Innovation Yachts and aboutwater bottles

What is so unique about the Ant Arctic Lab project?


The oceans are fascinating, but also unforgiving places that have always been challenged by adventurers and explorers. On 6 August, Norbert, an experienced sailor, sets off on an epic adventure that will span 6 months and 32,000 nautical miles. His goal? Not only to set sailing records, but also to demonstrate the power of sustainability and environmental protection on the world's oceans. This exciting project will be realised with a sustainable sailboat from Innovation Yachts and in collaboration with aboutwater, a pioneer in the field of reusable water bottles.

Ant Arctic Lab Innovation Yachts aboutwater wiederverwendbare Trinkflaschen

The Ant Arctic Lab project: an odyssey across the oceans

Imagine sailing around the world alone, non-stop and without outside help. Sounds like a daring undertaking, doesn't it? That's exactly what the Ant Arctic Lab project is. Norbert will spend the next 6 months alone on his ship, the IY Open60AAL, battling storms, loneliness and the unforgiving oceans. His goal is not only to prove himself, but also to deliver a revolutionary message: Sustainability and environmental awareness can go hand in hand with sailing records.

Sustainability on the high seas: the mission of aboutwater

The partnership between the Ant Arctic Lab project and aboutwater shows that sustainability knows no boundaries. aboutwater is a company dedicated to reducing single-use plastic by producing high-quality reusable water bottles. The Kavodrink Premium Bottles are not only environmentally friendly, but also stylish and functional. The collaboration between the project and aboutwater underlines the importance of sustainable solutions, not only on land but also on the vast oceans.

Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure - Kavodrink Premium
wiederverwendbare Trinkflaschen von aboutwater - Ant Arctic Lab Innovation Yachts

The challenges and the goal: single-handed and sustainable around the world

The Ant Arctic Lab project is not only a physical challenge, but also a test for material, man and spirit. Norbert will navigate alone on his ship, battling drift ice and raging storms, testing the limits of his abilities. But the goal is clear: to circumnavigate the oceans single-handed, non-stop and without outside help. It is not only about personal success, but also about developing a sustainable yacht building concept that combines environmental respect, quality and functionality.

The IY Open60AAL: More than just a boat

The IY Open60AAL is not just a sailing boat, but a symbol of innovation and sustainability. With 73 watertight compartments, monolithic areas and technical refinements, she demonstrates the strength and safety of the Innovation Yachts construction concept. This sailboat, made from volcanic fibre - balsa - sandwich and biobased epoxy materials, will accompany Norbert on his journey through the most dangerous oceans and demonstrate the endurance of the yacht building concept.

The yacht building industry can contribute to environmental protection through clean technologies as well as products. Shipyards like Innovation Yachts show a strong environmental awareness by using green technologies and reducing the carbon footprint of their yachts by using recycled materials. Innovation Yachts strives to research and apply viable solutions such as recyclable composites, natural core materials and harmless resin systems. This enables them to offer their customers the highest quality and most environmentally friendly products and materials available for custom-built yachts.

Vulkanfasern für innovation yachts - wiederverwendbare Trinkflaschen von aboutwater - Ant Arctic Lab
Ant Arctic Lab Innovation Yachts aboutwater wiederverwendbare Trinkflaschen

OverWater: Sailing towards a sustainable future

The importance of sustainable practices cannot be overlooked by recreational enthusiasts, especially sailors, who by nature have a deep connection with nature. Practising a hobby in harmony with the environment is an essential part of the enjoyment. Innovation Yachts has teamed up with several industry-experienced partners who are also committed to environmentally friendly and low-emission production methods. For us, not only the pursuit of the highest quality, but also sustainability and recyclability are non-negotiable.

Sailing as inspiration for change: the ANT ARCTIC LAB project with aboutwater

As Norbert embarks on this epic journey of perseverance, skill and innovation, the support of partners like aboutwater underlines their shared commitment to a sustainable future. With a recyclable yacht and a mindset focused on eco-friendly practices, the ANT ARCTIC LAB Project sets a strong example for sailing enthusiasts and the industry worldwide. Let's join forces with the Ant Arctic Lab Project and aboutwater to advocate for a sustainable ocean future and show that sailing records and environmental protection are compatible.

Ant Arctic Lab Innovation Yachts aboutwater wiederverwendbare Trinkflaschen

Follow Norbert on his adventure here: TRACKING


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