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Discover our range of high-quality, sustainable water bottles and their accessories.
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Kavodrink Tritan Water Bottles
Our Tritan water bottles Kavodrink Classic & Premium are extremely break-proof, BPA-free and light at the same time. Ideal for everyone and every area.


Kavodrink Tritan Water Bottles
Glass Bottles
Our glass bottles are made of borosilicate glass. More robust, lighter and clearer than normal glass. BPA and pollutant-free.


Glass Bottles
Stainless steel bottles
Our stainless steel bottles are sustainable, practical and BPA-free. They are ideal for every area.


Stainless steel bottles


Monthly Special -20%

stay refreshed & healthy!
The 350ml bottles are perfect for healthy, tasty fruit juices, vitamin drinks or food supplements. Only in July: Get an incredible -20% discount on the bottles and their printing with your own logo and design!
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glass carafe for offices & EVENTS!
Our premium glass carafe has a capacity of 1200 ml and therefore serves several people in conference rooms, office kitchens, at meetings or events.
The glass carafe is made of extremely robust borosilicate glass, which is BPA-free, lightweight and glass-clear. The stainless steel and rubber lid has a closing mechanism that enables drip-free pouring.
Unprinted carafes can be ordered in the shop from just 1 piece. Carafes personalised with your own company logo or design on request from 50 pieces.
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Glaskaraffe mit Deckel - für Hotels, Gastronomie, Events, Meetings Büro
Glaskaraffe mit Deckel - für Hotels, Gastronomie, Events, Meetings Büro

Stainless steel bottles

Get your stainless steel bottles printed with your logo or name.
Available in various colours & with digital printing or engraving.
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or order unprinted in the online shop:


Welcome Set (Pack of 3)

For only €29.90 excl. VAT

Fancy sustainability? Order your set of 3 high-quality drinking bottles now at a special price. Ideal as a sample set to try out which of the sustainable bottles you like best if you are planning to order a larger quantity - with or without your own logo. Also perfect as a gift for yourself, your employees or your business partners.
The offer includes a Slim Glass Bottle 700ml, a Kavodrink Premium Tritan Bottle 800ml (choose between 4 colours) and a Stainless Steel Bottle (choose between 3 colours)

Stay hydrated!

With our new hydration scale bottles you can keep track of your fluid intake and stay hydrated!

Orderable now in the shop and on request also personalizable with your own logo!

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Nachhaltige Trinkflaschen bedrucken - Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure - Kavodrink Premium - Sporttrinkflaschen für Vereine - Fußball, Tennis, Handball, uvm. - mit Vereinslogo, Spielernamen
Nachhaltige Trinkflaschen bedrucken - Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Wasserflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo
Nachhaltige Trinkflaschen bedrucken - aboutwater - Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Wasserflaschen aus Glas - mit Firmenlogo - mit Trinkskala
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We have been working with aboutwater for many years in a spirit of trust. Like us, aboutwater attaches great importance to sustainable products and services and convinces us with a high level of competence, professional service, friendly contacts and quick implementation of our wishes.

Maximilian Bühler
Bühler Catering, Ettlingen

Working with aboutwater is always an outstanding experience. Fast and custom reply to our demands, quality products, and a service and delivery that meet expectations. We also enjoy their continues new innovative product launches.

Ab Olde-Scheper
Dolphin Slovakia

aboutwater has already printed bottles for us several times and we are simply thrilled with their competence, service, quality and flexibility. In the meantime, this has developed into a very trusting and cooperative partnership.

Christoph Lemmé
Business Analyst & Improvement ITG GmbH, 85445 Oberding

Slim Bottles

Wideneck Bottles

Kavodrink Classic Tritan Bottle

Kavodrink Premium Tritan Bottle

Stainless steel bottles

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