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YOUR BOTTLE, your message

At aboutwater, we believe that sensible, reusable water bottles help protect the environment and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Ensure a lasting impression and a sustainable future.

If you wish, let us print your drinking bottles for you.

Our Story

It all started with a shared passion for water and, combined with expertise in packaging, it developed into a common goal of making the world a little better with meaningful water bottles.

At aboutwater, we combine over 70 years of experience in the packaging industry and drinking water supply.

From the combination of this knowledge and the enthusiasm for healthy water, a healthy lifestyle and environmental protection, the idea was finally born to take action against single-use plastic with sustainable, customisable water bottles and to do something good for the environment.


aboutwater Projects and Cooperations for more Healthy Sustainability

Apart from our activities on social media and our blog posts to create more awareness about plastic pollution, water, health and sustainability, we are proud to partner with more people to use our water bottles instead of disposable bottles and stay hydrated. Below we would like to share with you some of our projects and collaborations, with other companies, schools, social, sports and educational institutions, to take a step together towards more healthy sustainability.

Social enterprise Helioz and ChangeNow

aboutwater supports and cooperates with social enterprises like Helioz, which are committed to social and climate projects. Helioz has made it its mission to help other companies become more climate-friendly. For the ChangeNow trade fair in Paris 2022, we at aboutwater were able to support Helioz with reusable, sustainable glass water bottles. We printed the bottles attractively, with QR code that makes flyers and other disposable promotional materials obsolete, as the event aims to be environmentally conscious and sustainable. At the ChangeNow show, international companies and change leaders join together to take action and find innovative solutions for a more sustainable economy.

MAWV and Healthy Drinking Water in Schools

In partnership with MAWV, we were able to provide 430 students at the Ludwog-Witthöft Oberschule in Wildau with our high-quality Kavodrink Premium drinking bottles. The water bottles together with the installed drinking water dispenser enable the students to always supply themselves with fresh drinking water and thus stay hydrated, concentrated and sustainable. The campaign was organized by the Märkischer Abwasser- und Wasserzweckverband MAWV under the motto "H2O to go" and under the aspect of environmental awareness. Together we hope to motivate more students to join in. Together against single-use plastic.

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Baseball & Softball Tournament

With bottles from aboutwater, sustainability becomes a home run. At the 23rd German Indoor Baseball and Softball Championships, we had the opportunity to equip the total of 66 teams with our reusable Kavodrink Premium drinking bottles. A decision for robust, refillable water bottles is clearly in the sign of sustainability to avoid disposable plastic bottles, the associated waste and at the same time stay healthy and hydrated. The 2-day tournament, hosted by the Gauting Indians, exceeded all expectations and our bottles in a wide variety of colors and printed with logos and QR code were also a great success. We congratulate all participants and winners and wish them continued success.

Uniapart and Grüne Haus am Ring

The time of disposable plastic bags and disposable bottles is over. They no longer have a place in our lives. UniApart set a good example when welcoming their students: they gave each student a cloth bag and a reusable glass water bottle as a gift, provided by aboutwater. The water bottles are of high quality, robust, lightweight and free of harmful substances. If you carry these practical utensils in your handbag or backpack, you don't have to buy paper or plastic bags when you go shopping, and you can always refill your bottle with water when you're out and about. This eliminates the need to buy disposable plastic bottles and saves vast amounts of plastic waste.

Sustainable Packaging

At aboutwater, we are proud to take our responsibility for the environment seriously. That's why we've chosen to ship our sample sets in sustainable cardboard boxes from karopack. These uncoated cartons and eco-friendly cushioning pads are filled with used cardboard, making the packaging CO2 neutral and sustainable. Only renewable energy is used to produce this packaging. We are pleased that many of our customers have already had the chance to receive such a sustainable sample set from us and are convinced that they will appreciate our commitment to a better environment together with our high-quality water bottles and the quality of our printing.

WE Aqua Awards

In Lisbon we had the pleasure to receive with great joy the Aqua Award. Our website was recognized as the best in terms of design and promotion of health and sustainability. The Aqua Award fair is organized annually by the Watercoolers Europe association. In addition to this success, we were able to provide our reusable drinking bottles to the visitors of the fair. These were attractively printed with logos and QR code to provide further information, and served as an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable bottles to avoid waste and reduce flyers and other promotional materials

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Ant Arctic Lab sets sail for more sustainability

With a sustainable sailboat from Innovation Yachts and reusable drinking bottles from aboutwater, Norbert Sedlacek will set off on 6 August 2023 to sail around the world across all five oceans. He shows how that environmental awareness can go hand in hand with sports and sailing records.

wiederverwendbare Trinkflaschen von aboutwater - Ant Arctic Lab Innovation Yachts
sport trinkflaschen bedrucken verein - sportflaschen mit vereinslogo bedrucken - trinkflaschenfußball

Our sports bottles at the world's largest youth handball tournament

Our sustainable water bottles were present at the Partille Cup, the world's largest youth handball tournament, and were allowed to support the players of MTV Dänischenhagen in staying sustainable and hydrated. Printed with player names, club logo and sponsor logo, the water bottles were a real hit. They could be refilled on site at the event at the installed water dispensers at any time and are a real eye-catcher.

Our sports water bottles are a real hit in clubs and sports teams. They express a strong team spirit, success and commitment. Especially for events and tournaments, the sports bottles are ideal because they are unbreakable, BPA-free, lightweight and can be printed with the club logo, team name, sponsor logo, player name, QR code and much more. 

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The global plastic waste problem

The world population is growing exponentially. Raw materials are becoming scarcer and scarcer. Rubbish is becoming more and more.

According to the latest study, around 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2021), which is roughly equivalent to a full truckload of plastic waste every minute.

The biggest contributors to this problem are single-use plastic and a waste management system that cannot keep up.

In the spirit of 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle', we rely on multi-use/reusable bottles and materials. This reduces the use of resources, produces less plastic waste and protects the environment.

Only through an efficient circular economy - which still needs a lot of work to achieve - can the waste problem be solved. All sides are already testing and investigating how recycling can be optimised so that all the resources and energies in it are preserved and do not end up as waste in nature. There is also a lot of research into improved sustainable materials that can replace plastic, for example. We at aboutwater are also constantly researching in cooperation with partners and taking measures in the sense of sustainability.

Our claim: Reduce the ecological footprint.

We want to move away from a linear throwaway economy towards a circular economy. No waste, neither plastic nor in any other form, should end up in nature, but everything should be recycled. We want to close the cycle with our high-quality reusable water bottles and thus protect our nature, our environment and that of all living beings.

Let’s reduce, reuse and recycle!

How can we protect the environment with plastic bottles?

It seems like a fallacy, but: bottles made of high-quality plastic, such as Tritan, can be used for years, i.e. reused countless times, and are the safe alternative for some areas where other materials would be too dangerous.

The materials used to make our water bottles do not release microplastics or other harmful substances. So no microplastics or chemicals get into the environment or our bodies.

The lightness of the material also means that little CO2 is produced during transport.

And last but not least, it's about recycling, and we all have a role to play here. If we dispose of the bottles properly, they will not end up in nature and will return to a meaningful cycle.

Our Vision

A sustainable, liveable future for both animals and humans.

Clean forests, clean seas. A clean habitat for all living creatures on this earth.

We only have one earth.

Our Mission 

With reusable water bottles to less pollution, a healthier lifestyle and a more conscious way of living.

To work on and find always better solutions through research and further development.

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Why are we your reliable B2B partner?

Industry Know-how

With decades of experience in food packaging and water supply, we bring a high level of product and market knowledge to the table.

International Cooperation

We always work internationally with other companies in the industry.


We are specialists in sustainable materials and strive to find ever more environmentally friendly solutions.

Highest Quality

Our pollutant-free, durable and environmentally friendly materials and products are of the highest quality.

Manufacturer Prices and Quantity Discounts

Through partnerships with the respective companies, we can offer you attractive manufacturer prices.

Quality Printing Service

Thanks to state-of-the-art printing machines and experienced printing specialists, we offer high-quality printing on water bottles and bottle accessories.


In collaboration with other global leaders in the field, we are always working towards innovation and further development.

Top Customer Service

Our competent and free customer service is always happy to advise you on your questions and your personal project. 

Shipping to over 30 countries

We ensure fast and efficient shipping to an increasing number of countries.

Only through innovation and cooperation can we find solutions to the environmental problems of our time.

Michael reiser,


Sustainable Water Bottles. BPA free, extremely robust. Printing possible.


We are happy to share with you the reviews of our customers.

We have been a customer of aboutwater for many years and are extremely satisfied with their high quality products and reliable service. aboutwater has become our partner for water dispensers and matching customisable water bottles. They adapt to our needs and always help us achieve a cost-effective, sustainable water supply. Employees are happy and always healthily hydrated, we save money and time, and the environment is protected too. What's more, the equipment and products look stylish.

Jörg Wohlert


Thanks to Michael and his staff our company was able to supply the water bottles in Italy while maintaining a very high quality of service.


H2O – italy

aboutwater has already printed bottles for us several times and we are simply thrilled with their competence, service, quality and flexibility. In the meantime, this has developed into a very trusting and cooperative partnership.

Christoph Lemmé

Business Analyst & Improvement ITG GmbH, 85445 Oberding


Then please feel free to send us your inquiry.


Customer Service

Communication is everything. Feel free to send us your inquiry here and we will get back to you immediately with an offer tailored to you and your project. Do you have any questions about our products or the printing of bottles?

Please do not hesitate, we are be happy to help you with our non-binding advice. The members of our aboutwater team are happy to support you every step of the way, because assistance and customer satisfaction are among our priorities.

Soon we will also be able to advise our customers from Spain, France and Italy in the respective languages.


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