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Tea Infuser Bottle

The sustainable personalisable tea infuser bottle, double walled. Lightweight and yet stable.

For marketing purposes, have your tea infuser bottles printed and leave a lasting impression.

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Customers who trust us:

Tea Infuser Bottle

You can take your tea and hot drinks up to 450 ml with you and prepare them easily everywhere.

On request: have the elegant tea bottles printed and receive your sustainable promotional product.

Whether as a promotional item for future customers or as an employee gift, in the office, in everyday life or in the restaurant area.

100 % Borosilicate Glass

Durable, BPA-free, pollutant-free, environmentally friendly, neutral in taste and odour.

Tea Bottle with Infuser to go

Extremely robust due to high-quality, double-walled design with reinforced base. The tea infuser is ideal for pouring loose tea and preparing it anywhere. Specially designed bottle for hot drinks to go.

Teeflaschen bedrucken lassen - Glasflaschen mit oder ohne Bedruckung - Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Logo oder ohne
Purity and Heat Resistance

Dishwasher Safe and extremely heat-resistant up to min. 100 degrees. Insensitive to temperature fluctuations. Perfectly suited for teas and hot beverages.

Different Protective Sleeves

For the tea infuser bottles we offer fabric sleeves in different colours (black, blue, grey) available. Personalisable.

Teeflaschen mit Sieb to Go aus Borosilikatglas bedrucken und personalisieren mit Logo oder ohne. Mit integriertem Teesieb und personalisierbaren Schutzhüllen. Glasflaschen bedrucken.
Tea Bottle with Infuser. Out of unbreakable, light borosilicate glass with tea strainer

Would you like to personalise your tea infuser bottle?

We offer top project management for the personalisation and printing of your tea bottles, closures, protective sleeves and outer packaging through the latest printing machines and our experienced specialists in printing.

  1. Printing methods

    Depending on the project and the desired quantity, we select the right printing process for you. You don't have to worry about anything.

  2. Quality design

    Thanks to innovative printing machines, we guarantee attractive, dishwasher-safe printing, in desired colours and also possible all around.

  3. Personal Customer Service

    We will advise you personally and without obligation on layout, logo, motif and other questions. Simply send us an enquiry and we will help you design your tea bottles with infuser.

Minimum order for printed bottles: 100 pieces

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Do you have general questions about our bottles, tea infuser bottles or about printing? If you would like us to call you back and provide you with specific information, then please choose the Shortcut Contact. And let us know what you need.

If you would like to select the tea infuser bottle and maybe already upload your own logo for printing on it, then you can send us your enquiry in only a few steps using the Inquiry Form button.

We will reply as soon as possible.

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Minimum order for UNPRINTED bottles: 5 pieces. Minimum order for PRINTED bottles: 100 pieces.

Learn more about Tea Infuser Bottles

Teeflaschen bedrucken lassen - Glasflaschen mit oder ohne Bedruckung - Trinkflaschen aus Glas - mit Logo oder ohne

Advantages and Features Tea Infuser Bottles

Our tea bottles with integrated tea tray and infuser are ideal for taking along and preparing teas and hot drinks anytime and anywhere. The bottle has a capacity of 450 ml. The glass is extremely heat resistant, dishwasher safe and can easily withstand temperature differences.

Our glass bottles and thus also our tea infuser bottles are made of food-safe borosilicate glass, they are free of BPA or other harmful substances and score with their robustness and their lightness. They not only look classy and stylish, but also leave a lasting impression. With printed tea infuser bottles, every sip and every reach for the drink or tea can increase the visibility of your brand and advertise efficiently for you.

Apart from their purpose and style, they are also practical and fit well in the hand. The tea bottles are very durable and extremely robust, thanks to the high-quality design and the reinforced base. You will enjoy high-quality tea bottles like these for a long time.

The tea infuser bottles are neutral to taste and odour, therefore the taste of your drink or tea remains.

With our tea infuser bottles, we rely on high-quality, sustainable material. The bottles are an ideal alternative to disposable bottles and can be perfectly used in everyday life, in professional areas such as offices and companies, in hotels, restaurants and at events, as well as in the health sector and in educational institutions.

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Put together Your Individual Tea Infuser Bottle

The tea infuser bottles with their bamboo closures and protective sleeves can be individually assembled and personalised. From bottle and protective sleeve, to closure and outer packaging, we can print all components for you.

The protective fabric sleeves come in different colours (black, grey, blue) and provide good insulation and conservation of the temperature while protecting your hands from the heat. The material is pleasant to the touch and very durable. Printed with your logo or individual name, the protective sleeves are a real eye-catcher.

The bamboo closure is also very popular for printing with a motif, logo, slogan or individual name.

Our tea bottles with infuser are shipped in cardboard outer packaging, which can also be printed in a very individual and attractive way.

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Teeflaschen mit Sieb bedrucken und personalisieren mit Logo oder ohne, aus bruchsicherem, schadstofffreiem Borosilikatglas mit Bambusverschluss


We are working towards a sustainable future.

Together with you, we want to protect the environment and reduce waste and emissions. The materials used for the production of our drinking bottles, as well as for our tea infuser bottles, are very resistant and have a high durability. By reusing bottles, i.e. reusable instead of disposable, as is the case with so many single-use products, we can reduce our ecological footprint and prevent plastic waste from entering nature.

We rely on a sustainable circular economy instead of a linear economic system.

If the very robust material borosilicate glass should give up its service after years, it can be melted down and completely recycled. In this way, the cycle is closed and raw materials and energy remain in it.

We are also constantly developing sustainable, environmentally friendly materials and working closely with other leaders in our field to do so.

Through collaboration and innovation for sustainability.

Facts about Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is considered the safest glass and the safest, most environmentally friendly material for food and beverage packaging.

Originally it was developed for laboratories, medicine and industry because it is BPA-free, toxin-free and resistant to chemicals. However, it has been used more and more for everyday use, for drinking bottles and kitchen utensils.

The special borosilicate glass is more robust and lighter than conventional glass because it has a lower density. Perfect for a tea bottle. 

Compared to normal glass, soda-lime glass, or also called bulk glass, borosilicate glass does not shatter under the influence of strong heat. This is because it is extremely heat-resistant and remains robust. It also stays clear and does not give off any pollutants, taste or odour even at extreme temperatures, such as when pouring tea or when putting it in the dishwasher.

The durability and reusability of borosilicate glass over many years makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable bottles and single-use plastic. When borosilicate glass is melted down, it can be fully recycled and reused.

At aboutwater, we specialise in pollutant-free, sustainable materials in the food and beverage sector and can therefore highly recommend the materials used for our drinking bottles and thus tea infuser bottles.

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Teeflaschen mit Sieb to Go aus Borosilikatglas bedrucken und personalisieren mit Logo oder ohne. Mit integriertem Teesieb und personalisierbaren Schutzhüllen. Glasflaschen bedrucken.

Why Choose Tea Infuser Bottle?

The sustainable tea bottle with infuser not only impresses with its stylish appearance, but also with its lightness and transportability. You always have your hot beverage safe and at hand.

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Our Customers

Our tea infuser bottles are most commonly used in the following areas:


The printed and also plain tea bottles with infuser are great as employee gifts or promotional items for your customers or business partners. Personalised tea bottles with your own logo, name or design provide effective advertising and enhanced visibility of your brand with every sip of water. Sustainable, high-quality, stylish tea bottles leave a great impact of your business.

Health and Education

The tea infuser bottles are also particularly in demand in the health sector, such as hospitals, nursing homes or in the wellness and yoga sector. In educational institutions such as schools, universities and kindergartens, the sustainable tea bottles are just as impressive because they are made of pollutant-free, extremely robust borosilicate glass and guarantee hygiene.

Sport, Everyday Life and Leisure

Ideally suited are our tea bottles for leisure, travel, everyday life and sports for in between. As the tea bottles with infuser are not only free of harmful substances, but also very robust and light, they are versatile. They are practical, hygienic and always ready to hand. The protective sleeves also ensure even more safety. Leave a strong impression with your printed tea bottles.

Hotel & Restaurant

Our tea bottles with infuser are very popular in hotels, restaurants, catering and at events, for example on tables. Not only do they serve their purpose and look stylish, they also help you with brand communication to increase your visibility and strengthen a green image.

They leave a lasting impression.

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We are happy to share with you the reviews of our customers.

We have been working with aboutwater for many years in a spirit of trust. Like us, aboutwater attaches great importance to sustainable products and services and convinces us with a high level of competence, professional service, friendly contacts and quick implementation of our wishes.

Maximilian Bühler
Bühler Catering, Ettlingen

Thanks to Michael and his staff our company was able to supply the water bottles in Italy while maintaining a very high quality of service.

h2o - italy

aboutwater has already printed bottles for us several times and we are simply thrilled with their competence, service, quality and flexibility. In the meantime, this has developed into a very trusting and cooperative partnership.

Christoph Lemmé
Business Analyst & Improvement ITG GmbH, 85445 Oberding

Customer Service

We also focus on quality in our customer service, because good communication is important.

Do you have questions about our products, our bottles and their printing? Would you like to have a personal offer? Send us your inquiry and we will get back to you immediately with an offer that is exactly tailored to your project and your wishes.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us, our aboutwater team members are happy to support and advise you every step of the way. The satisfaction of our customers and sufficient support are very important to us.

Soon we will also be able to advise our customers from Spain, France and Italy in their respective languages.


aboutwater GmbH
Robert-Koch-Str. 2
82152 Planegg


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