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Tritan Water Bottles

Learn more about our BPA-free Tritan bottles and the many benefits of the material Tritan.

Made in Germany and Austria.

Have your Tritan Water Bottle branded and personalised with your own logo or motif. You can also choose between different colours, sizes and closures.

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Nachhaltige Trinkflaschen bedrucken - Kavodrink Flaschen - Kavodrink Classic - aboutwater
Kavodrink Flaschen - Tritan Trinkflaschen bedrucken

Kavodrink Classic Bottle

Kavodrink Tritan Trinkflasche Sport, Vereine, Bildung, Gesundheit
  • BPA-free, Pollutant-free

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • 0.5l, 0.75l, 1l

  • Breakproof, Leakproof

  • Light

  • Available in blue

Kavodrink Classic

Kavodrink Premium Bottle

kavodrink premium trinkflaschen aus tritan -alle farben - kohlensäure geeignet - personalisierbar
  • BPA-free, Pollutant-free

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Suitable for Carbonated Drinks

  • Breakproof, Leakproof

  • Light

  • Available in 4 different colors

Kavodrink Premium

The most important benefits of our Tritan water bottles and the material Tritan

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What you should know about the material Tritan:

The Alternative to Disposable Bottles

Disposable packaging and single-use are a thing of the past. With reusable Tritan water bottles you help to protect the environment.

High-quality Material Tritan

BPA-free, pollutant-free, non-toxic, durable, neutral regarding taste and odour, transparent and extremely light. Made in Germany and Austria.

Print your Tritan Water Bottles

360º degree, colourful, photo-realistic, dishwasher-safe quality print at an affordable price. Thanks to modern printing machines, printable with your logo and design. 


The reusable Tritan bottles are extremely robust, shockproof and unbreakable. The high-quality material Tritan is dishwasher safe and heat-resistant up to 100 degrees.

Different Sizes and Closures

Our Tritan water bottles are available in different sizes and with different closures.

Versatile Use

The BPA-free Tritan water bottles can be used in everyday life, when travelling, in the office, for indoor or outdoor sports, in healthcare and in education. The possibilities are endless thanks to their many advantages.

Is the material Tritan good for your health?

Tritan is a thermoplastic copolyester that was originally developed by Eastman Chemicals in 2007. It is considered harmless to health as it is free from harmful plasticisers such as BPA (bisphenol A), BPS (bisphenol S) or other hormone-altering substances according to the most stringent tests.

The food-safe material Tritan has since been used primarily for baby products, children's products, in medicine and for household utensils where health is a priority. Gradually, Tritan was used for other products such as drinking bottles, as it has many other advantages.

Is Tritan suitable for the dishwasher?

Tritan is dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant up to 100 degrees. However, it is not recommended to wash Tritan drinking bottles at temperatures above 60 degrees, as otherwise the positive properties of the material will be lost or the service life of the material will be reduced.

Isn't plastic harmful?

Yes, many types of plastic can be harmful to health under certain circumstances. With Tritan, however, you can be sure that this plastic is free from any harmful substances, plasticisers and bisphenol and does not release any of these substances into the contents of the bottle or into our bodies. Tritan has been extensively tested and is heat-resistant up to 100 degrees without being hazardous to health.

Who are Tritan drinking bottles suitable for?

Tritan drinking bottles are suitable for all groups of people, but especially for children, patients and athletes, as Tritan is unbreakable, extremely light and free of harmful substances. They are therefore the ideal alternative to glass.

What is the best way to clean the Tritan bottles?

It is recommended to clean the Tritan bottles in the dishwasher at a maximum of 60 degrees, as the Tritan material loses its lifespan at too high temperatures. If possible, clean the Tritan bottles regularly by hand and only occasionally in the dishwasher so that you can enjoy the bottles for as long as possible.

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Personalisierte Trinkflasche Kohlensäure - Kavodrink Premium
Kavodrink Flaschen - wiederverwendbare Trinkflaschen - bedruckt und personalisiert

About the Material Tritan

The material Tritan, which is used for our Tritan water bottles, brings with it countless positive properties for purpose, health and the environment.

Tritan, or Tritan™ copolyester, was primarily made for baby drinking bottles and products for children, because it is very durable, unbreakable, free of harmful substances, BPA-free and free of any other plasticisers. Tritan was developed by the US company Eastman and has been approved and classified as safe by the most important food associations, such as the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and the EFSA (European Food and Safety Association).

Due to these special features, Tritan has been extended to many other products and areas of application. Above all, it is of great importance that it is free of harmful substances such as BPA (bisphenol-A), which has negative, harmful effects on the body and health. Therefore, especially in the food industry, in the health sector and in the area of beverages it is important to rely on packaging that is BPA-free. 

There are only a few materials that offer as many advantages as the synthetic Tritan. It is not only plasticiser-free, food-safe and unbreakable, but also extremely light, neutral regarding taste and odour, heat-resistant and sustainable.

Tritan is therefore ideal for all areas of life, whether in the office or at home, in leisure time or when travelling, for sports or games. Whether for adults or children, patients or students, employees or business partners and customers. They always have their water or drink safe and at hand.

Having worked as experts in the industry for a combined 70 years, we know everything about the materials used to make our water bottles. We are always up to date in our field. At aboutwater we are specialised in BPA-free, non-toxic, durable, reusable food packaging and we want to combat single-use packaging and single-use plastic.

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Sustainability of Tritan Water Bottles

Together for more sustainability.

Single-use packaging and single-use plastic are among the most significant sources of plastic waste and environmental pollution. The biggest problem with single-use plastic is that it is only used once, it is usually not disposed correctly and it ends up in many places in nature, in our rivers, lakes and oceans.

With long-lasting, reusable and versatile drinking bottles made of high-quality, pollutant-free material, the waste problem is significantly reduced and the environment is being protected. We would like to work step by step towards sustainability.

With the high resistance and longevity of our Tritan water bottles, we focus on multi-use instead of single-use. We also focus on high-quality reusable bottles that can return to the energy cycle and be properly disposed of, after years if when they may no longer be usable. It is a matter of sustainable circular economy, a substance cycle in which materials can be recycled or from which valuable energy can be generated.

 In many areas, such as educational institutions, health care or sports, our drinking bottles are a safe and environmentally friendly alternative.

Our Tritan water bottles do not release microplastics or other harmful substances. So no chemicals or microplastics get into the environment or our bodies. Furthermore, they are made in Germany and Austria. All these advantages of our products help us to produce less plastic waste and reduce the use of resources and CO2 emissions.

Through our specialisation in water, food packaging and its materials, we are constantly researching and developing sustainable, toxin-free materials. Only through innovation and collaboration can we work towards solutions to the environmental problems of our time.

Print your Tritan Water Bottles

Minimum order for printed bottles: 100 pieces

The printing of water bottles is seen more and more frequently and creates a powerful impact for your business, institution, brand, club or team.

We can attractively print and customise your BPA-free bottles with your own logo, design or brand name. Make your personalised Tritan bottle a real eye-catcher and send your own message. The strategic positioning of your logo on bottles significantly strengthens brand visibility and your brand presence. Whether as a customer gift, an employee give-away, for business partners, for guests in restaurants and hotels, or in the health, sports and education sector for athletes, pupils, children or patients: with printed water bottles you make effective advertising and successful marketing.

The material Tritan is ideal for printing and our modern printing machines ensure that your logo and design will be vivid, colourful and dishwasher safe. 

We offer cost-effective, fast and professional printing of your drinking bottles.

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Cleaning of Tritan Water Bottles

What is the best way to clean the Tritan bottles?

Thanks to the special material Tritan, the water bottles are dishwasher safe and very heat resistant. For this reason, you can conveniently clean them with the dishwasher. However, a more gentle cleaning is possible by hand, with detergent and a sponge or a special brush for bottles, so that the bottom of the bottle can also be cleaned completely. The transparency of the Tritan water bottles is perfect so that you can see the fill level and also any drink residue when cleaning. The more gently and regularly you clean the bottles, the longer they will remain clear and transparent.

Are you planning to have your Tritan water bottle printed? No problem. Thanks to modern, high-quality printing techniques, the bottles we print on can be washed in the dishwasher without hesitation. However, in order to maintain a long-lasting, beautiful print, we recommend cleaning by hand, which is gentler.

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Order unprinted bottles immediately in the shop or request personalised Tritan water bottles

Minimum order for printed bottles: 100 pieces

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Personalised Tritan Bottles

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Our Customers

Our Tritan water bottles are most commonly used for:


The reusable Tritan water bottles, unprinted or printed with your logo, are ideal as employee gifts or promotional items for customers and business partners. Personalised bottles of your company for supplying employees with sufficient liquid, for efficient advertising as a customer gift and for environmental protection.

The purpose and benefit is also given for restaurants, hotels and catering, where they are intended on tables and for guests.               

Health and Education

Particularly useful are the Tritan water bottles in educational institutions such as schools, kindergartens and universities, as well as in the health sector, such as hospitals, nursing homes or wellness areas, as the bottles are made of BPA-free, non-toxic, unbreakable, dishwasher-safe Tritan and thus guarantee safety and hygiene. Printed or unprinted.

Adequate fluid intake is especially important in these areas.

Sport, Everyday Life and Leisure

Our Tritan drinking bottles are ideal for all areas of leisure and everyday life, because they are easy to transport and unbreakable.

They are also ideal for sports clubs, fitness studios and all areas of indoor and outdoor sports, as well as for children at play, as the bottles are easy to handle, BPA-free, non-toxic, very robust, safe and hygienic. The flip-top lid makes the bottles all-round talents.

The flip-top lid makes the bottles all-round talents.

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We are happy to share with you the reviews of our customers.

While looking for suitable drinking bottles for INSTICK®, our sugar-free instant drink, we came across aboutwater and have been a satisfied customer ever since. The drinking bottles are practical, an ideal addition to our range and are well received by our customers.

Sarah Sienerth

The bottles have arrived and we are very satisfied. In general, the cooperation was very pleasant.

Kristina Ulrich
RTL Nord (Television)

I have been working with aboutwater since 2018 and from the first time they have always been very kind and super efficient.

H2O - Italy

Our Customer Service

Send us your inquiry at any time by email, phone or simply use our inquiry form and we will get back to you quickly with an offer optimised for you and your project. Do you have any questions about our products or bottle printing?

We are happy to advise and help you with our no-obligation customer service. Our staff will be happy to assist you with the topic of printing and our bottles. The satisfaction of our customers is one of our priorities.


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