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Why especially children should drink plenty of water

Find out why and how much children should really drink and how best to motivate them to do so in our article. 

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Setting sail for more sustainability

With a sustainable sailboat from Innovation Yachts and reusable drinking bottles from aboutwater, Norbert Sedlacek will set off on 6 August 2023 to sail around the world across all five oceans.
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Why drinking water is so important

What is it about the wet element? Why is it so important for our bodies to drink enough? And what happens if we don't?
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How do I live without plastic?

Every July, millions of people around the world take up the challenge to give up plastic.
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Cleaning reusable bottles

How and how often do you actually clean your water bottle? Here we have some recommendations for you on how to ensure hygiene and longevity of your bottle. 
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Change now!

Learn more regarding aboutwater's eco-friendly actions, the social enterprise Helioz, and the #ChangeNOW summit.
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Earth Day 2022

On the occasion of Earth Day, on 22 April, we would like to draw attention to environmental and climate protection and provide you with tips on sustainability at the workplace.
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Sustainable also when studying

Tips for a more sustainable life and an environmentally conscious everyday life as a student - with UniApart "Das Grüne Haus®
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World Clean Up Day 2022

Join us for World Clean Up Day 2022 on September 17! Make a statement against environmental pollution! Our nature will thank you.
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World Water Day 2022

On March 22, 2022 we celebrate World Water Day to advocate sustainable management of freshwater and to raise awareness about global water issues.
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Flyers and Price Lists 

Tritan Bottles

Kavodrink Flaschen - Wiederverwendbare Tritan Trinkflaschen - Kavodrink - aboutwater

Price List Kavodrink Bottles

B2B prices for black and blue Kavodrink bottles, with different filling volumes, closures and packaging units.

pdf pricelist kavodrink classic
pdf pricelist kavodrink premium


Read about the features and advantages of our Kavodrink bottles made of Tritan at a glance.

pdf flyer kavodrink classic
pdf flyer kavodrink premium

Print Template Kavodrink

Print Guide

Find out more about how you can order printed water bottles from us.

Glass Bottles

Glasflaschen bedrucken lassen - Slim & Wideneck Wasserflaschen aus Glas

Price List Glass Bottles

B2B price list for our glass bottles in all sizes, with different bottle necks and accessories, as well as for printing and packaging units.

pdf pricelist slim & wide


The highlights, the different combinations and printing possibilities for our glass bottles made of borosilicate glass.

pdf flyer slim & wide


Print Template Glass Bottles

Print Guide

Here you can see the highlights, the many advantages, the different combinations and printing possibilities for our glass bottles made of borosilicate glass.

Stainless steel bottles

Edelstahlflaschen - Edelstahl Flaschen gravieren und bedrucken lassen mit Logo und Design - verschiedene Farben

Pricelist Stainless Steel

B2B price list for our stainless steel bottles.

PDF Pricelist Stainless Steel

Flyer Stainless Steel Bottles

Find out more about our stainless steel bottles and the printing options.

pdf info flyer stainless steel bottles

instructions for cleaning

SALE - Water bottles for patients


Frequently asked questions and answers

Water Bottles

Are your water bottles BPA free and free of harmful substances?

Yes, all of our water bottles (Tritan Water Bottles and Glass Bottles) are both BPA-free and free of BPS, plasticisers or any other harmful substances and chemicals. They are completely safe for your health and are eco-friendly. The water bottles are tested and approved according to food regulations. Upon request, we can provide you with a declaration of conformity for your selected water bottles.

How robust are your water bottles?

Our water bottles are extremely robust and unbreakable. Especially compared to other materials such as normal glass or disposable plastic, our water bottles are extremely resistant, as they are made of specially selected high-quality materials like Tritan (our Kavodrink Classic Bottles and Kavodrink Premium Bottle) and Borosilicate glass (our Slim & Wideneck Bottles and Tea Bottles).

Are your water bottles sustainable?

Yes, all our water bottles are sustainable. As our water bottles are very robust and durable, so they can be reused over the long term and are also recyclable, they constitute the sustainable solution to single-use or disposable plastic.

Are the bottles leak-proof?

Yes, all our bottles are leak-proof.

The closures of the glass bottles and Kavodrink Premium bottles have an integrated sealing ring that makes the bottles leak-proof even for carbonated drinks.

How can a bottle made of plastic, namely Tritan, be eco-friendly?

Not all plastic is the same. Our Tritan Water Bottles are robust, durable, high quality reusable bottles that are proven to be more sustainable than disposable bottles. The longer you reuse the bottles, the more sustainable they become. But even if you dispose of the bottles properly, resources are reused and a circular economy succeeds.

How long do the water bottles last?

Basically, all our water bottles are extremely durable. Exactly how long the bottles last depends entirely on how they are handled and cleaned. The more regularly and gently you clean the water bottles, the longer you will enjoy them. Direct sunlight and dropping them from great heights should be avoided as much as possible.

Are your bottles also suitable for carbonated drinks?

Our Glass Bottles and our Kavodrink Premium Bottles have an integrated sealing ring, which makes them ideal for carbonated drinks. Our Kavodrink Classic Bottles we recommend that you do not fill with carbonated drinks, as these are only leak-proof when filled with normal drinks.

Can you fill your water bottles with cold and hot drinks?

Yes, you can fill all our water bottles with both cold and hot drinks. The materials we use to make our bottles are heat-resistant up to 100 degrees. Our Tea Bottles with integrated tea strainer and reinforced base are particularly ideal for teas and hot drinks.

What packaging units are available for your water bottles?

There are different packaging units depending on the bottle type and size.


1 litre: 45 pcs. / box
21 boxes (7 layers) / pallet

0,75 litre: 50 pcs. / box
24 boxes (8 layers) / pallet

0,5 litre: 63 pcs. / box
27 boxes (9 layers) / pallet

Glass (all sizes):

50 pcs. / box, 700 pcs. / pallet

What is the minimum order quantity for your bottles?

You can purchase our water bottles from a minimum quantity of 5 bottles. The minimum order quantity for printed bottles is 100 pieces.


Which printing method is used?

To print your logo and design on the water bottles, we mainly use digital printing, which achieves the highest print quality and is also cost-saving for you. Depending on the project and order, we choose the desired and most suitable technique for you, we can also print for you using screen printing.

Laser printing is used for closures.

Are printed bottles dishwasher safe?

Yes, branded water bottles and respectively the print on the bottles are dishwasher safe and can be washed in conventional dishwashers. However, we recommend gentle cleaning either by hand or at low heat to make the print last as long as possible.

How quickly do you deliver printed water bottles?

Thanks to our own print shop and digital printing, we can offer delivery of printed water bottles from 7 days after print approval.

In which format should the print file for my logo or design be?

For the transmission of your desired logo or design, we require the following quality/format of your print files: vectors/paths (*.eps, *.ai, or *.pdf). If you only have a *.png or *.jpg available, we can redraw
the print data for for 25€.

What is the process for ordering printed bottles?

For the individual steps of the ordering process please refer to our Print Guide.

Why are the printing costs for glass higher than for competitors?

To make our printing particularly resistant and also dishwasher-proof, we carry out a 2-step additional process. The first step is a 2-fold pre-treatment of the surface before printing, the second step is a hardening of the print by a special UV irradiation. These steps incur costs, but result in the best quality printing on the market.


What kind of bottle accessories are there?

For Kavodrink Bottles there is the flip-top sports closure and the standard twist closure in the colours blue, white or black.

For Glass Bottles you can choose between the bamboo and the stainless steel closure. In addition, you can order fabric sleeves in different colours and carrier bags especially for bottles. All parts of the glass bottles, including the outer packaging, can be personalised and individually printed .

Can I have the bottle accessories printed?

Yes, you can also have most bottle accessories printed by us with your own logo and design.

Can I add closures individually or order them later?

Yes, if you need additional closures, you are welcome to add or reorder them at any time.


How can I clean the water bottles?

To keep the bottles clean and clear, regular cleaning is of course important. All our water bottles, printed and unprinted, are dishwasher safe and can therefore be washed in a standard dishwasher without hesitation. However, we generally recommend gentle cleaning by hand so that you can enjoy the print for longer.

We recommend washing our Kavodrink bottles regularly by hand to guarantee an even longer life. If you use a sealing ring with the Kavodrink bottle (for carbon dioxide), this should also be cleaned regularly.

We also recommend cleaning the closures of the glass bottles by hand.

Please feel free to read our Instructions for Cleaning.

Can I clean the bottles in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can easily clean all our bottles, printed or unprinted, in the dishwasher. It is best not to heat them above 60 degrees to maintain the clarity and resistance of the bottles. However, to enjoy the water bottles and the print even longer, we recommend even gentler cleaning by hand.

Please also wash the caps of the glass bottles by hand.

Please feel free to read our Instructions for Cleaning.


How can I order bottles printed with my logo and motif?

Send us a mail to or fill in our Inquiry Form which is specially designed for bottles printing. In any case, you can already upload or send us your desired logo or design and we will send you an offer as soon as possible or contact you as soon as possible if we need more data.

Here you can also download our Print Guide .

I have not received any confirmation of my order.

If you have not received an order confirmation and have not found it in your spam folder, please contact us and we will resend it to you.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

In case you have a complaint, please contact us at or +49 89 954593-0. We are happy to help you.

Methods of Payment

What payment methods are available?

The following payment methods are available

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Prepayment
  • Invoice


Products paid for in advance can only be sent after receipt of payment. If you send us a receipt for the transaction made, we can also dispatch the products immediately.

Paypal, Credit Card

Products paid for by PayPal or credit card can be sent by us on the same or next working day.

Delivery & Shipping Costs

How long does the delivery take?

Unprinted bottles are delivered within 2-4 working days and printed bottles within 2-4 weeks.

Fast shipping: 

  • Deliveries requiring fast shipping should be ordered by Paypal or credit card. We will endeavour to send the goods as quickly as possible.
  • Delivery time: The delivery time for the individual products is indicated on the respective product page.

How much are the shipping costs?

  • Deliveries to Germany  8,20 EUR, free shipping for orders over 90,00 EUR 
  • Deliveries to Austria 10,90 EUR, free shipping for orders over 100,00 EUR
  • Deliveries to Switzerland 44,95 EUR
  • Deliveries to Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands 10,90 EUR
  • Deliveries to Czech Republic, Denmark, Liechtenstein 13,10 EUR
  • Deliveries to France, Monaco 16,60 EUR
  • Deliveries to Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia 20,60 EUR
  • Deliveries to Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden 22,00 EUR
  • Deliveries to Finland, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway 27,00 EUR
  • Deliveries to Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Iceland, Romania, Serbia 50,00 EUR
  • Deliveries to Great Britain 64,60 EUR
  • Deliveries to Non EU-countries we calculate on prior request based on the scope of delivery and destination address. For deliveries to non EU-countries, additional customs duties, taxes and fees apply.
  • The delivery takes place with DPD or our forwarding agent.



Can I also have the parcel sent to a parcel collection station?

Yes, at your request we can also send your parcel to a parcel collection station or deliver it to your neighbour against signature.

What can I do if my parcel does not arrive on time?

Please contact our customer service by mail to or by telephone at +49 89 954593-0. We will take care of you immediately.

You haven't found the answer to your question? No problem.

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