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World Clean Up Day


Would you also prefer to meet plants and animals in nature and swim with fish in your beloved swimming lake or in the sea rather than with plastic? Take part in the World Clean Up Day and help to free our streets and our nature from garbage. Set a sign against plastic waste!

World Clean Up Day 2022


The world's largest civic movement against environmental pollution.


The whole world is cleaning up. Join in! The biggest rubbish collection event takes place every year on the third Saturday in September,this year this is the 17.09. The purpose of the day is to collectively clean our streets, parks, forests, rivers, lakes, sea, beaches and generally nature from waste and to create awareness for the worldwide waste problem. Let us not forget: the first step in the right direction is taken by ourselves.


It is very positive to see that more and more communities, companies, clubs and schools, from all over the world,are joining. Last year, 14 million people in 191 countries participated.


"World Cleanup Day is about making it clear that we are not resigned to the problem. The waste collection actions of citizens are a strong signal against the littering of city, country, forest and river." Steffi Lemke - German Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection


8 million tons of plastic

get into the oceans every year - equivalent to the weight of a total of 250,000 Boeing 737 aircraft or one truckload per minute.

In 2050

there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish (if we do nothing about the current amount of waste). 

What is World Clean Up Day?

World Cleanup Day is a project of the NGO "Let's Do It! World", originated in Estonia in 2008, when 50,000 people worked together to rid the entire country of rubbish in one day.

"With cleanups, we want to bring attention to people's garbage blindness and create awareness for sustainable use of our resources." Holger Holland, initiator of the World Cleanup Day in Germany

Mr Holland and his team are certain that the littering of the earth by plastic waste is one of our biggest problems worldwide. "The issue concerns us all," Mr Holland is convinced. Microplastics can now be found even at the bottom of Pacific deep-sea trenches, plastic kills millions of animals every year, and even in the human body microplastic particles have already been found. The common goal of the worldwide initiative is "to motivate at least 5% of people on World Cleanup Day to sensitize decision-makers, business and politics to the problem of plastic littering our earth through your commitment".

Why we participate:

The World Clean Up Day is important to mobilise people for the planet and against pollution, and to raise awareness of environmental protection and the use of resources and nature. 

Current studies show that rivers carry up to 4 million tonnes of plastic waste into the sea every year. This is equivalent to the weight of about 400 Eifel towers. A current estimate of the global input of plastic waste into the oceans is between 4.8 and 12.7 million tonnes per year.

Every year, an amount of 2 billion tons of garbage is produced. 

3.5 billion people have no access to waste management systems.

What can I do on World Clean Up Day?

On World Clean Up Day, the whole world cleans up. Join in too! Find a Clean Up Event in your area or start one yourself!

Simply go out into the streets, parks and nature and collect all the rubbish you can find. Take a big enough garbage bag with you, reusable at best, and gloves if you want. Also get friends, family and other contacts to help you, share the post and together we will reach more people to join in!

Clean Up Day 2022 tipps - keine Plastikbeutel mehr

What else can I do?

How else you can do your part for a cleaner, healthier world:

  • Try to save plastic in your daily life or not use it at all. It all starts with our shopping. At the supermarket, instead of choosing plastic-wrapped goods, we can choose unpackaged or eco-friendly packaging. There are also many Unverpackt-Läden (unpacked stores), which you can find online. The association of unpackaged stores in Germany was founded in 2018 in Nuremberg. The purpose of the association is, among other things, a fair and public welfare-oriented economy. The Unverpackt e.V. strengthens the Zero Waste philosophy and the awareness of environmental problems as well as waste-avoiding ways of consumption and economy.
  • Don't buy bottled mineral water or other drinks in single-use plastic bottles. Instead, use your own water bottles made from sustainable, reusable materials when you're out and about, exercising, at the office or even at home. Learn more about our sustainable water bottles and their many applications. These are available both out of Tritan, as well as out of Glass, and can even be personalised.
  • Also, instead of a plastic bag, take your own cloth bag with you when you go shopping. So if you change just one habit every week, you should soon succeed in becoming plastic-free or waste-free in general.
  • You can also find many DIY and upcycling tips on the internet. Reuse, repair and save instead of wasting and polluting.
  • You can buy or harvest fruits, vegetables, herbs unpackaged. There are great initiatives, such as Direktvombeet, where you can offer or search for all kinds of garden harvests for free or for small money. Or Foodsharing, where you can find free food from the neighborhood and also offer your own leftovers that you can not use in time. So that nothing has to be thrown away.
  • Do you like sports? How about plogging, it's very trendy and the most sustainable sport of all. You go running and collect garbage at the same time. Simply take a garbage bag (preferably reusable) and a glove with you. This way you stay fit and do something good for the environment.

More tips:

For even more tips, visit the WWF website, here you can find tips for environmental protection in everyday life, for saving electricity and energy, tips for plastic avoidance, tips for shopping or tips for your holidays. We always find these recommendations helpful.


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